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Band Baja Baraat

by Rauf Klasra
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When I came to Islamabad in July 1998, i can’t believe how much has changed over the years, if I look at the political situation of that time and the situation in the country today in 2023. A year after I came to Islamabad, General Musharraf had appeared on the political scene. It seemed that General Musharraf’s rule would never end in Pakistan. Just yesterday, a friend shared a picture of General Musharraf’s grave. There was a depressed Sehba Musharraf on the side of the grave.
In 2000, Nawaz Sharif was first in Jeddah and then in London. Today, after twenty-two years in 2023, he is convicted in London and london as he was then.
Well, no one thought that Imran Khan, who was entering politics at that time, would not only become the Prime Minister of this country, but would be convicted and imprisoned in 2023, while Anwarul Haq Kakar would be sitting on the chair of Prime Minister.
It is a strange coincidence that the Sharif family was not willing to make Shahbaz Sharif the Prime Minister under any circumstances. All these efforts were seen by everyone from President Ishaq Khan to General Musharraf because they felt that Nawaz Sharif was not the prime minister material. The Sharif family said they were not even business materials. If Shehbaz Sharif gives it to run the country, then who will run his own business? Thus the country of the one who could not run the family business was handed over. Those who, after the 1990 elections, first removed Muhammad Khan Junejo from the chairmanship of the Muslim League and then blocked the way of caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa Jatoi and made Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister, they were regretting their own mistakes after some time and they did not know what to do now. That is why President Ishaq Khan had told Mian Sharif that he heard that his younger son is more intelligent.
Although Shahbaz Sharif could not become the Prime Minister or the family did not allow him to become the Prime Minister, but it was written in his destiny to become the Prime Minister, so the efforts that had been going on for thirty years were finally fulfilled and he finally became the Prime Minister after a big ruckus and noise last year when he was on bail as an accused of FIA.
The door of Shahbaz Sharif’s fate was opened by the haste of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Although we have very little democracy or democratic mind in any leader. Perhaps if a prime minister had some democratic attitude, it was in Yousaf Raza Gillani. He was the only Prime Minister who used to go to the National Assembly every day and even answer the Question Hour. After him, no Prime Minister should stop going to the Assembly regularly, never saw it in the Question Hour.
The indifference of parliament, first seen during the tenure of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and then Imran Khan, has not been seen in any other era. When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister, he did not go to the assembly for eight months. For a year he did not go to the Senate. Now tell me what will be the condition of this house if the owner of the house does not go to his house for a year? The same was the situation in Parliament where the Prime Minister did not like to go. That is why Nawaz Sharif did not have a grudge in his speeches that you used to say that Nawaz Sharif step forward, we are with you and when I stepped forward and looked back, there was no one. He was probably referring to October 12, the day he sacked General Musharraf and replaced him with General Ziauddin Butt as army chief. Now the question is what was your home. If you had political power, you did not go there, then how could the members of this house stand behind you who saw your form a year later?
Let’s do it once, for which you have also suffered the punishment. Interestingly, Nawaz Sharif started again in 2013 from where he left off in 1999. Not only did he not go to Parliament, he was busy touring outside the country for 400 days. So what do you think was going to be the end?
He is now running for a fourth term as prime minister.
If seen, only three Prime Ministers have been popular. Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. If Bhutto did not learn from Ayub Khan’s downfall, Nawaz Sharif did not learn from Bhutto and Imran Khan did not learn from Nawaz Sharif. Perhaps it is human nature that we think we will not make the mistakes that the rulers/people were doing before them, or we understand that God created us for a greater purpose and we are special people. We are us. We are not the ones who were before us. We will all control.
If you take a look at those who consider themselves indispensable to this country after 1998, you will be surprised that the country is running without all of them. The world is moving. General Musharraf has gone to sleep in the grave, Nawaz Sharif has gone to London after being convicted, while Imran Khan is currently in Attock Jail.
The country is still going on. Now you will say that the condition of this country is not going on.
The question is, what did the people in whose hands you gave your destiny do in response? What Nawaz Sharif could not do three times, will he do it for the fourth time? What has changed in Nawaz Sharif in these five years that he will change the fate of this country this time?
I think about Nawaz Sharif, you all already know that if he gets a chance for the fourth time, then after three years he will be found directly in jail from the Prime Minister’s House and then from there to London. Human habits go very hard.
Nawaz Sharif had great opportunities to improve parliament, prime minister’s house and his governance. After Bhutto, he got a lot of powers, but he wanted to use these powers for himself, family or friends like every ruler.
It is said about Imran Khan that he enjoyed more support than Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif and every journalist or anchor in Islamabad will testify to this who has closely reported khan sahib’s era. For the first time, it was seen that all the institutions supported him openly. His political opponents were silenced. The man he pointed his finger at was in jail the next day. If anyone in the media did it, he was silenced there.
Although Khan sahib had given a good speech from Bani Gala after winning the election, the opposition put him on the path on which he lost his way the next day and he went to Attock Jail instead of the Prime Minister’s House.
When Khan sahib was standing on the prime minister’s chair in parliament for the first time after taking votes, the opposition did not allow him to address. Khan sahib always complained in his interviews that he was not allowed to give a speech and from here he lost his way. Everything they thought changed in those two-three hours.
They could not understand that they were being trapped. They were trapped. He, like Nawaz Sharif, became allergic to the assembly. He was so angry with the assembly that he dismissed the assembly that made him prime minister. He was the second member of parliament after President Farooq Leghari to demolish the house of which he was elected head. Leghari Sahib broke the government of his party leader Benazir Bhutto, then Khan Sahib also broke his government and also broke his parliament.
He says mistakes never come alone. The whole baraat comes with it. If you look at the rise and fall of Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, you will know how the rulers kill blenders along with their bands baja and baraat and kill kamal at their peak.

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