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Everyone lost something and then came to their senses…

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

Two days ago, after reports of a secret meeting held by former leaders of Tehreek-e-Insaf with PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail, the speculations circulating around the Minus Imran Khan formula have become even stronger. It has come that Fawad Chaudhary, Aamir Kayani, Imran Ismail and Maulvi Mehmood were among those who met with Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Sources close to the government circles are saying that the former leaders of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi will also agree to leave the party. has taken But while talking to reporters outside Adiala Jail, Fawad Chaudhary’s position was completely opposite to the secret information, but he admitted that he had a detailed conversation with the former leaders of PTI and in this context, Ali Zaidi, Pervez Khattak, Asad Umar, Asad Qaiser, Farrukh. Habib and Atif Khan have been contacted and talks have also been held with Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Even though the line of those calling Khairabad to PTI is getting longer, former Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser has denied the reports of links with Fawad Chaudhary. On the one hand, he is in PTI, on the other hand, asif Zardari, an experimental politician who is considered to be an expert in reconciling, has also landed in Lahore, where there has been a rush of people who joined PPP after meeting him. Mr. San Milli has announced his participation in the PPP. After reaching Lahore, Asif Zardari had an important meeting with the political leaders of South Punjab. Asif Zardari welcomed the leaders who joined the PPP. Meetings with other political figures are also likely. On the other hand, even though PTI Chairman Imran Khan has denied the reports of anger with President Arif Alvi, but the differences between Imran Khan and Alvi have also come out like a genie in a bottle. Confession is hidden behind the scenes, that’s why Imran Khan’s conversations with the media on the occasion of his appearance in the Islamabad High Court, or the explanations given by Harobharu, indicate that there is a big scam internally. Imran Khan said that it It is not true that I have no contact with Arif Alvi. Even if President Arif Alvi does not sign a summary, it will become a law. Therefore, if he signs the government’s summaries, he should do it. Apparently, Imran Khan seems to be standing on the same thing today, but the clear difference between the former Imran Khan and the current Imran Khan is that the former Imran Khan refused to negotiate despite the appeals of the government parties, and the current Imran Khan seems to be advocating for negotiations. It has come but now the water may have gone above the nose, they say, “Sab kuch lataki hosh hai hai to kya hawa…”
According to Imran Khan, there is no other way except election. If the election is not held, there will be more destruction in the country. Imran Khan is now telling the media that we had talks with General Bajwa. Talks were held on the Chief Justice’s request, so why are you refusing to talk to me now?

But the decision-makers have decided how to run Imran Khan now and what to do with PTI, because when Imran Khan was there, he did not listen to anyone and went so far after seeing the public meetings. He was ready to destroy the country’s institutions like a victorious country. In the country, the real will of someone will run.
Still, let’s say that when things did not work with Manthan and Elazan, the “real big brothers” had to take the punishment in their hands. They seem to be announcing their separation from their religion to atone for their sins. The effect of the punishment in the hands of “elder brothers” was seen the most when Tehreek-e-Insaf President Chaudhry Parvez Elahi was finally arrested. Chaudhary Pervez Elahi was arrested near his house in Lahore, he was arrested by the anti-corruption police. When the police surrounded his car, the politician first locked the car and was unable to open the door, but then when the police brought a drill machine and other machinery, they started drilling holes to open the car doors. When he did, Humrah came down. I don’t know what was the mind of the master craftsman who asked for drill machines and other tools to sink the ship of an expensive car instead of a key maker to open the doors of the car, but he saluted the thinking of the master who saw the required tools and got down from the car. . According to Punjab Information Minister Amir Mir, Pervez Elahi was wanted by the police and was arrested while trying to escape. He confirmed that there was resistance during the arrest of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and the vehicle he was in was bulletproof, the door was tried to open but the door did not open, after which an attempt was made to break the windows of the vehicle and then When the door of the vehicle opened, Chaudhary Parvez Elahi came. It should be noted that Pervez Elahi had filed an application for interim bail in the court in the corruption case, but the anti-corruption court of Gujranwala had rejected Chaudhry Pervez Elahi’s application.

The truth is that after the forcible arrest of a senior politician like Pervez Elahi, the PTI leaders have started to leave the party. Even now 75-year-old Imran Khan has been claiming that PTI is a party of the youth, so former Defense Minister Pervez Khattak has also announced to leave the PTI-KPK presidency. A special discount package has been announced that instead of immediately joining another party or retiring from local politics, they should only leave the position of the party in the first stage and then gradually disappear from the party. There are reports that five other senior PTI leaders have also been detained in Islamabad but they have not been identified, including former Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser, former Defense Minister Pervez Khattak and KPK. Apart from former governor Shah Farman, there are some others who will come forward with new announcements when the time comes. I Chairman Imran Khan claimed in a statement released on the social media website Twitter that the two senior members of the negotiation committee that I had formed, Pervez Khattak and Asad Qaiser, were summoned by secret agencies for a meeting, now they have been illegally summoned. Mahfouz is under house arrest and being forced to leave PTI for their freedom, Imran Khan asserts that in the law of the jungle, might is right and the weak have no protection.
It is learned that the talk of forming a new political party by the senior politician of his party Jahangir Tareen in the environment of the leaders from PTI has been put into practice. It is known that Jahangir Tarin has formed his legal team in this regard, which has started work on the registration of the party in the Election Commission.

The above-mentioned political situation is not a normal thing for any civilized country and a reformed society, so the institutions of this country also think that this situation is not a normal thing. In this regard, an important meeting of the National Security Committee was held on Saturday, in which the Army Chief also participated.
The meeting of the National Security Committee was called by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in which the civilian and military leadership participated. The main agenda was the situation after the events of May 9. Of course, in this important meeting, the economic situation of the country will also be reviewed, what are the challenges facing Pakistan and how should they be faced in the end.
Meanwhile, the IMF has exhausted the Pakistani government running after the loans, after which the government finally got tired and decided to try to get a new loan from the IMF through the caretaker government. It is known that the current loan program will end on June 30, but the government will not extend the program, but after the month of August, the caretaker government will enter the field with a new budget. According to the Ministry of Finance, the new loan agreement will be tougher than the current program, the new bailout program of the IMF will be for more than 3 years, by December this year, Pakistan has to pay more 9 to 11 billion dollars, in the next budget. A total of 22 to 24 billion dollars will have to be paid. According to the Ministry of Finance, the current program will expire on June 30 without completing it. In this regard, the Minister of State for Finance, Ayesha Ghos Pasha, also said the same that we are not thinking of any other plan except the IMF, but now this work will be done by the caretaker government. It has been reported that the current program, which ends on June 30, has a debt of more than 2 million dollars. Negotiations for a billion dollar loan have been completed, but the staff level agreement is not being reached. Negotiations for the 10th and 11th reviews are yet to be held. That is, it is impossible to complete the two review talks before June 30. Talks will be held with the IMF for the next program immediately after the budget. If the government cannot complete the negotiations, the caretaker government will complete the new loan. On the one hand, the hopes of IMG getting the loan will be reduced, on the other hand, the hope that petrol will become cheaper before the budget has also been expressed.
The good news in this whole troubling situation is that the dollar suddenly got a miraculous big shock and in a couple of days the dollar hit a record high of 15 rupees while the gold bullion also became cheaper by 6000 rupees. In this view, the dollar has fallen in the open market after the decision of the federal government to end the deal with the IMF and to purchase dollars for credit cards from interbank instead of exchange companies. Yes, after the recent decision, according to the banks, the dollar has become cheaper by 27 rupees, in which there are still possibilities of loth, with the decision of Skar, the difference of 26 rupees between the open market and the interbank has reduced to 15 rupees. It has reduced from 2 lakh 35 thousand to 2 lakh 29 thousand per tola with a lot of 6000 rupees. However, gold has increased by 7 dollars in the international market. Let’s briefly review the above situation, the political situation of the country is certainly not good, but a proud man who is standing on his hands and feet, Imran Khan, with a nose piercing and the dollar, gold and petrol prices starting to fall, new hopes. And asras are also born. It remains to be seen what is written next in the fortunes of this nation based on hopes and aspirations.

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