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Diplomacy and new elections

by khalid waseem Advocate
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khalid waseem advocate

In the last few days, in the weekly briefing, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that Pakistan is not joining China’s block. Denying the rumor’s, he said that Pakistan has not joined any bloc and Pakistan does not believe in bloc politics. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, a competent officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and nowadays its spokesperson, said that Pakistan has an all-seasons strategic partnership with China. Our friendly relations with China have become stronger and stronger in the past decades. Likewise, Pakistan has excellent relations with other countries and especially with countries in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. America is Pakistan’s oldest friend and partner and Pakistan’s biggest export market. Pakistan’s relations with America are in different dimensions, so it is not possible for Pakistan to join any block.

On the international scene, China has always supported Pakistan’s position, whether it is an international forum or the United Nations platform, China has always stood by Pakistan’s position. Just last two days, when India held the G-20 conference in Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan raised its voice at the international level that Kashmir is a disputed area which India is showing as its own territory by holding an international conference, then China stopped this conference. Boycott announced. Due to which this conference failed and India had to face failure in its ambitions. Apart from China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt also did not participate in this conference. This showed Pakistan’s successful diplomacy.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while speaking on a TV channel said that Pakistan has fulfilled all the conditions of the IMF but the IMF is not yet ready for the staff level agreement. Pakistan’s failure at this level has brought the economy to a dangerous level, the inflation graph in the country is increasing day by day, which is affecting the common man. What is the IMF waiting for now despite the fulfillment of the conditions? No one understands this. From the power of the lord to the common man is helpless. The friendly countries have also assured their assistance through their letters, but the silence from the IMF is not understood by any government official from the Finance Minister.

In fact, the current government is devoid of the people’s mandate. The assemblies of two major provinces do not exist, while the number of members in the National Assembly is not complete, so the international organizations are waiting for a new election in the country. They choose whom the people will put in power. They will talk to him, but the current government does not seem to have any plans to hold elections. The only solution to the political and economic crisis that Pakistan is currently facing is holding elections as soon as possible. There is a need for all the political parties of the country to sit together and prepare a road map for conducting fair, transparent and timely elections. On which everyone agrees. The surprising thing is that no program has been organized by the government on this issue.

Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has thrown the ball in the government’s court by forming a seven-member committee to negotiate with the government after the May 9 tragedy. The beauty of democracy lies in mutual communication and dialogue. So far no committee has been announced by the government. In this regard, the government should also take two steps forward and organize the negotiation table so that the country can be taken out of the crisis situation and start the journey towards economic development. Due to the attitude of the IMF, the economic development of the country stopped. This issue should be resolved through diplomacy from the Minister of Finance to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Political stability leads to economic stability, but the way to achieve it goes through elections. If presidential elections can be held twice in a month in Turkey, then what is the obstacle to holding elections in our country? Our rulers need to understand this. People have the power to test someone’s patriotism, whoever they vote for will be their representative. We should trust the political consciousness of our people and give them the opportunity to elect representatives of their choice so that our diplomacy can play a strong role in front of international organizations and we can achieve more success at the international level. Pakistan will have to get the mandate of new elections to maintain the balance between China and America, only then our situation will change.

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