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King’s party will be harmful.

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

The visit to China has ended, in the first stage I was included in the delegation sent by the Chinese Consulate in Lahore. On the invitation of China, Institute of Economic Studies China and Peking University China, he stayed in China for a few more days. Pakistan’s performance in foreign affairs at that time is being evaluated very deeply in China. It is being felt that Bilawal Bhutto’s speech has the touch of Pakistan’s foreign minister as well as the chairman of People’s Party, while the style of diplomatic conversation sometimes becomes political. It needs immediate attention so that foreign affairs can be handled above party politics. This issue is also being closely examined in Beijing as to what were the circumstances that led to the brakes being put on a beneficial project like CPEC in Pakistan. Because of which, the fruits of China’s investment of billions of dollars could not be brought to the front of both the countries. It is believed that the previous PTI government was also opposed to this project due to its political opponents and some other factors, then it was a weak political government which was installed in power by open political engineering. And it is not possible for weak governments to complete big projects.

They are very interested in what will be the future political scenario in Pakistan. Elections in Pakistan are not far away and what will be the situation after the elections? If a weak coalition government is formed, then it will not be possible for this government to run the CPEC according to its pace. I asked Chinese friends why do you feel that they are trying to bring a weak government in the future? It is clear that even now two things are being done very quickly and openly in your country. Firstly, there is a complete attempt to do political engineering. A new political party or a couple of parties are being formed as the King’s Party, because these people were dragged into the King’s Party earlier and now. New kings are being pushed into the party or parties so that an effective pressure group can be established through these people in the upcoming elections and secondly it is being done that some people are being groomed to lead these parties even though If you consider the names of the leaders of these proposed parties, it cannot be said with certainty whether they will be able to achieve success in their constituencies on their own or not. Now, if the parties come up under the leadership of such people, their status will not be more than the Father’s Party of Balochistan, which will be able to last only for the pleasure of the mother and father and will work only for his pleasure. Therefore, political engineering should be completely avoided again in Pakistan. During this visit, I visited businesses like Huawei, China Electric Power and Equipment Company, China State Construction Engineering Company and BYD. The performance of the Pakistani embassy is becoming disappointing due to these conditions, Chinese visits to the embassy are very less which also shows their lack of interest. Even if the Pakistani embassy organizes any program, there is no notable Chinese personality in it, while there are only a handful of ambassadors from other countries who appear on every occasion. The Chinese have not been able to show any remarkable performance in the field of Pakistan-China relations and public relations with the NGOs and personalities who wanted to advance in Pakistan.

On the day of my return home, I had to participate in a program on behalf of the Ambassador of Italy. He had promised me to participate in this program before my departure to China. Both he and the Deputy Ambassador are also very active for the further improvement of Pakistan-Italy relations. When I participated in this program, I heard the news of the formation of the new King’s Party from the language of Pakistani friends and everyone agreed that if political engineering continues, the goal of economic recovery will also continue to be far away.

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