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Dear Anwar Ratul, where are you?

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

These days I am very sad, the biggest reason for this depression is that the mango season is running, Allah has provided many blessings for us sinners, but the status of mango is something else. There was a time when we used to put ice in a big tub and fill it with mangoes, at that time there were only sucking mangoes, then where were these Anwar Ratul, Sindhi, Langda and Dussehri, Chunsa Saharani etc. I have seen many forbidden scenes of sucking mangoes on the pulp and explained a lot to the perpetrators that there are some etiquettes of eating and drinking, but they are very diligent in their work.
And listen to me , during this time they did not even like to look at me , however , we would all eat the whole tub of mangoes and suck the apology , and after that an elder would tell us that it creates heat in the stomach , so after that we should drink raw lassi .
But now the world of mangoes is another, more than one variety has been introduced and no one is less than anyone and if this lame was not there, I do not know who would have left behind, but my love is with Anwar Ratul. Yes, I want to be sucked again and again, so friends who are aware of this weakness of mine do not give me a chance to stay away from this mind in the season. Every day, when I was a diplomat, mango boxes used to come from the Government of Pakistan as a gift for the people there and I was happy that most of them liked this fruit and some would wait for the next season of mangoes.
In all these countries where Pakistanis live, they eat Indian mangoes until Pakistani mangoes come to the market, I have seen this scene in London that as soon as Pakistani mangoes come, not only Pakistanis but Indians also do not face their mangoes and the fragrance of Pakistani mangoes attracts them. I used to come to London and go back to Pakistan, I asked him what do you earn by spending so much money, he said, sir, this is something to ask, nothing, a good amount of money is earned. In London, Ejaz Ahmed Ejaz would bring mangoes of my choice for me and then when he sat with me, only bundles would come in my part. In Paris, Asad Rizvi used to do this work as a national duty and find it from somewhere. Ejaz Ahmed Ejaz has been mentioned, so listen to one of his poems.
A lamp will escape from the wind.
Burned for many given air
Ijaz is no longer in our midst, but Ehsan Shahid and I share memories of each other whenever they get together.
I am about to reach the limit now regarding mangoes, it is my love for mangoes that these days when I see this fruit of Paradise rolling, my heart cries tears of blood, the spine you look at is full of mangoes and on a cardboard it is written in bold letters for 150 rupees a kilo, but the customer looks like a taanwan taanwan, there are two reasons for this. That its season is over and now their number two is in the quality market and the truth is that there is more than other fruits on pleasure, secondly, the demand and supply formula seems to be operating here too, when the supply is high and the demand is low, the prices fall. Remembers lovers. Iqbal was so fond of this fruit.
Iqbal said that he could not live without mangoes, so he was allowed to eat only one mango a day, the next day the doctor saw that Iqbal was sitting in front of a mango weighing one kg and thus “follow” the doctor’s instructions. And heaven did not go out of hand.
These days, say the departure or devaluation of mangoes, other fruits of the season are trying to take the place of this jinti, but where was the matter of Maulvi Madan! But what to do, there is also a decline in the fate of every rise, but in relation to mango, this decline is temporary that in the next season it will rule the hearts once again, but as much as it will emerge as much as pressure. will give
۔ During my stay in the United States in 1970, I was longing for this fruit, one day I saw mangoes in a shop, so I felt that I had found a calf friend of mine, it was Mexican mango. I decided to go to Pakistan and did not just intend to go back, since then I am and there are mangoes, i have not stayed in a country like America for a long time in his hijra, search the whole world, where will you find a lover like me?

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