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Before Islam

by Muhammad Mehdi
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Muhammad Mehdi

De Lacey O’Leary has written a wonderful book on pre-Islamic Arab history, which has been translated as “Before Islam”. He narrates an incident from the history of the Arab border region of Najran, shortly before the advent of Islam, that a nationalist uprising took place in Najran. The rulers were Christians while the rebels belonged to the Jewish religion. In order to make the rebellion a success, Zlanavas, who was Jewish, made full use of the Christian-Jewish difference in it, he successfully occupied Orangeran, so he put two ways in front of the Christians of Najran, first, that they should leave Christianity and become Jews, secondly, he dug a deep ditch and lit a fire in it and made the Christians sit around it. Christianity will not give up, it will be thrown into this fire.
And many chose the way of burning in the fire . In my memory, this incident was revived on the day of Jaranwala tragedy, I also knew that the real planners of such incidents use religion not for religion but for their own purposes. It was even more surprising that the office of AC Jaranwala was burnt down, even though the office had no direct connection with law and order. After a little research, another side of the picture also came out and it should be investigated with complete impartiality that this is not the truth, and the other side is that the then Assistant Commissioner Jaranwala is Shaukat Masih. They had adopted a very strict professional approach on wheat procurement and other matters, which a powerful group of landlord mafia could not digest in any way, so the whole tragedy happened to teach them a lesson.
I will not talk about laughing all over the world because even if the world does not know, cruelty remains cruelty and its eradication is equally important. There is also another aspect of this tragedy, which is linked to the national psyche, why so much lawlessness begins to perform naked in the last moments. Why does all this happen? It should also be kept in mind that this is not only a problem of the psychology of The Muslims of Pakistan, but as a Pakistani nation, we all seem to be demonstrating the same attitude from place to place. In 2015, the Tragedy of Johnabad took place, Christians had to face horror and cruelty. But at the same time, there was another tragedy that two Muslims fell into the hands of an angry mob who had come to work as laborers, they were caught and burnt alive on the road. A friend of mine called me on the day of jaranwala tragedy and regretted the incident and said that now there is a digital era. If these miscreants are identified, they will definitely be punished. I said that they may face cases for some time, but there is some end.
۔ There was surprise in his voice, in order to remove his surprise, he said that there were all the pictures and videos of the Tragedy of Johnabad, the faces were recognized while handing humans to the living fire, but then all of them were missed, so all of them may also be missed because the implementation of the current laws is rarely seen. The purpose of describing these two examples is that as long as we look at it with religious discrimination, we will not be able to get to the root of the real problem. If we want to truly address this extremist behavior, we need to examine closely why the miscreants are not afraid to do all this and in this we have to look at everyone with one eye instead of making differences on the basis of religion. One is more or less an economic and political motive behind it and the other is the belief of the miscreants.
Had it not been for this belief that they could not be punished, social media would not have been full of extremist speeches. If the Jaranwala tragedy is made a test case and whoever desecrates the Quran, burns religious and private property, loots it, is brought to a safer character by initiating punishment from that person, then it can be of great help in preventing these incidents in the future, otherwise the reality at this time is that the powerful have dug a ditch and set fire. is burnt. The question is, are we living in the pre-Islamic era in practice? We should leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of things. However, a lot of caution is needed in this regard.

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