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People have been hanging on the system’s ‘dolly’ for 76 years

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

Batgram Rescue Operation was successful, commandos of Pakistan Army, Rescue 1122 personnel, activists of social organizations and especially the local Hero Sahib Khan who left on this dangerous adventure with his life in his hand deserves congratulations. But this incident further exposed our leprosy-stricken society. While the weaknesses of the decaying system of government were exposed, it was also acutely realized how the disease of hatred and hatred, which had been destroyed on the basis of political division, had entered our veins. First of all, the excuse was given that the elevator was hanging from a rope, another rope was 30 feet above it. The air pressure is very high, it is the most difficult operation. Rescue operations are always complicated and difficult. It is a matter of the competence and competence of government agencies. But as soon as these people were saved.
So prejudiced people started a debate about who is credited for this success. When Pakistan was being praised all over the world, we started quarreling about who rescued how many children. Pakistan’s armed forces were criticized for wasting the whole day. Commandos along with the entire live army saved the life of only one child while the remaining seven people were evacuated by the locals. If fuel and time had not been wasted by calling a helicopter for the company’s fame, the locals would have done it on their own. Someone should ask the blind people of these intellects, this accident happened at 7:45 a.m. They were hanging in the air for several hours. When the media was given a decade and the government machinery was activated, the first helicopter probably arrived between 2 and 3 pm in the afternoon.
In these 6 hours, why did no one think that the affected people should be saved under your help? No way was seen, so it was said that the people in the swinging ‘Dolly’ at an altitude of 900 feet would be evacuated by helicopter, but when the helicopter arrived, it was realized that when it came close, the “dolly” started swinging due to air pressure. is. If a rope on which this “dolly” was standing in haste, then who would be responsible for the death of the students and teachers sitting in it? The local people, including Sahib Khan of a company, were also brought by the army and all the people worked together till the last moment. A small cot-like “dolly” was made and taken near the affected dolly, one child was brought back experimentally and then the lives of other people were saved by repeating the same process. In short, everyone came together to make this incident a tragedy.
The sad and bitter reality is that the means of transportation in most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are limited and dangerous. Since I myself have witnessed this many times, it did not take long to understand when the news came in the morning, but most people were confused for hours that it was probably a chairlift of a fun nature and these children had gone on a walk with the teachers. This “dolly” is not the only cable car connecting Jangri and Batungi in Alai tehsil of Batgram, but hundreds of such indigenously made elevators, cable cars, dollies or zip lines are used for daily transportation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This “dolly” made after taking a written permission from the Deputy Commissioner, which runs on two mountains or a river and river drain
Somewhere this “dolly” is pulled with the help of a rope and somewhere it is powered by petrol or diesel engines. The locals fix the monthly fare from the operator and then use it for commuting. Even in this advanced era, why people do not have access to means of transportation and why do they have to travel in this ‘doli’ made under your help?
When caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar tweeted that he has taken notice of the incident and has issued instructions to the concerned authorities to inspect such chairlifts wherever they are installed from a safety point of view. So I was worried that now these means of transportation will also be taken away from the backward people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Instead of the government providing facilities to Pakistanis living in mountainous areas, building roads and bridges or at least installing a quality and safe cable car, the bureaucracy has discovered a very targeted recipe to deal with this issue. The reports are:
That the process of installation of ‘Dolly’ made with permission from the Deputy Commissioner is being made more difficult and complicated. Now not only will the bribery market be heated in the guise of regularizing such cable cars already working, fitness certificates will be issued. Regular NOC will have to be taken to install a “dolly” in a new place, shoes will have to be entered in government offices. This is the “dolly” of this rotten, cheap and cruel system in which the people have been swinging for the last 76 years. The irony is that every time another rope is cut under the guise of rescuing them and the oppressed people keep shouting. Every leader who comes to the rescue comes out, every hero becomes zero and every messiah, patient leaves with another injury to love.

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