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Crisis of caretaker government of Sindh and future prospects

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

And after the federation, the Sindh Assembly also collapsed. With the dissolution of the Sindh Assembly, more than 50 ministers, ministers and assistants have also become household members. Syed Murad Ali Shah has apologized to the people for breaking the assembly prematurely after ending the government just a day ago after being in power for 4 years 11 months and 29 days. Overall, with the dissolution of the Assembly, 18 ministers, five ministers, 27 special assistants and two coordinators have been divided, but according to the constitution of the country, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah will continue to work till the caretaker seat. The great of Sindh Sindh Governor Kamran Tasuri approved the summary that Minister Murad Shah had received from the Governor of Sindh regarding the dissolution of the Assembly within just one hour and issued a notification regarding the dissolution of the Assembly, after which new theories and predictions of political pundits have come to the market. So far, various analysts have appointed close relatives and associates of several retired bureaucrats and ministers as chief ministers and ministers of other departments. At present, there are many discussions going on about the caretaker setup in the provinces of the federation. In this regard, there have been reports of meetings between Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Opposition Leader Rana Ansar, the names of former Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah and retired Justice Maqbool Baqir and others have been doing the rounds for the caretaker chief minister for the last one month. Either of them comes out, or another happy thing comes out. From the political point of view, the PPP is likely to circulate the names of the above mentioned sahibs, but the MQM and JDA have also agreed on the names of Dr Safdar Abbasi, Shoaib Siddiqui and Younus Dagha as caretaker chief ministers. Syed Murad Ali Shah, who quit the chief minister a day earlier, has been in Sindh four times since 2002. Syed Murad E Shah has also occupied the cmship chair, which looks like the sage of the visible flowers, twice. Although there are shortcomings or failures of this government to control law and order along with inflation, all these things of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah are based on the fact that the last five years have not been as simple and good for this government as it seems from a distance. It is also true that the Assembly and the government were prevented from functioning in a completely free manner, a prime example of which is Speaker Siraj Durrani who still comes from jail to run the Assembly. Sindh’s bureaucracy was harassed to destabilize the province. Not only from the federation but also from the slightest, this government faced a lot of difficulties. For example, due to Corona, all the businesses and transport of Sindh were closed, so that the epidemic has not yet died, then the flood of 2020 came on top, due to which a large part of Sindh was submerged. According to government statistics, 2022 floods affected 1.5 crore people and destroyed millions of homes, submerged crops and drowned educational institutions. But on such occasions, the world also recognized the performance of the Sindh government and gave examples. It is another matter that due to lack of resources, these disasters have not yet been fully remedied, but still five years have been completed in talks like the rest of life and now the discussion on the formation of a caretaker government setup in Sindh is going on, not only the caretaker government but also about the upcoming elections. You may have seen that JDA and MQM always come together on such occasions, but after temporary proximity, they come back to a distance because they only follow whatever instructions they get from above. After the pti was wiped out from all over the country and especially in Sindh that there is no major problem in front of the PPP, the JDA and MQM have jointly nominated names for the caretaker chief minister for the fulfillment of the constitution, but everyone knows that the position of decision-making in Sindh is now only with the PPP, as well as for the upcoming elections in Sindh. That the field is looking completely clear for the PPP, in the districts where a particular family dominated, there is no one right now. Examples can be given from Thatta, Dadu, Jammu, Matiari and other districts, apart from this, there are hardly a few strong factions left in Sindh except the Jatois of Pir Pahari and Nowshera who have not joined the PPP. In Jammu, alternative people have been prepared for the old parliamentarians in case of a possible departure from the PPP, while karachi, which was a no-go area for the PPP some time ago, has also raised its flag of victory. The results after which will be very interesting, that is, this time the MQM may not always be in a position to backmail the PPP’s Sindh government. All this happened to the central leadership of the People’s Party and Karachi. The leadership of Saeed Ghani and others has been made possible by their honesty with the party and their deeds by going to the people. In the federal government, opposition leader Raja Riaz met Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and announced the name of Senator Anwarul Haq for the post of caretaker prime minister. According to the Prime Minister’s House, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif agreed little to his support on the consultation process with the opposition leader and it was decided that the Prime Minister would be from small provinces. Senator Anwarul Haq Kakar, who belongs to the Balochistan Awami Party, was elected senator in 2018 and was elected as caretaker prime minister. Yesterday, when President Arif Alvi asked Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the Leader of the Opposition for their names within a day, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif reacted and said, “Mr. President! What’s the hurry? Read the law first. Under Article 224-1A, the President appoints a caretaker prime minister in consultation with the prime minister and the leader of the opposition. Under the Constitution, the Prime Minister and The leader of the opposition has to propose a name for the caretaker prime minister within three days of breaking the national assembly. Accordingly, the President accepted the prime minister’s advice and dissolved the National Assembly on August 9 that the prime minister and the leader of the opposition were to propose the name of the caretaker prime minister by August 12, but the constitution also says that if there is no consensus with the leader of the opposition within three days, then the matter will go to the parliamentary committee. Will be with the Commission. Although it was thought that the government would take out some time for the caretaker set-up on various pretexts, but by announcing the resignation in the name of Senator Anwar Haq, all the speculations were removed, as well as the names that were predicted proved wrong. Like the Chief Minister of Sindh, the country’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also on the end of the federal government. Shahbaz Sharif complained that Imran Khan had spoiled his friendship with america by making baseless allegations against america because his diplomatic relations with america have almost ended but he hopes that relations with america have started improving again. After the temporary closure of Imran Khan’s chapter, the situation is such that after the PPP has become fully strong in Sindh, it has now joined the race to get the prime minister’s seat by competing with the Nawaz League in the federation, while There is no restriction on Nawaz Sharif now, he has completed the term of five years of disqualification, Nawaz Sharif will come back and face the law or Not this question in its place but this In the 17 months of the government, the people of the country may have been trapped in the grip of inflation, but it happened that with the end of the cases of the PML-N leaders, the NAB also became harmless. The next one-and-a-half years were obviously in the benefit of the PML-N, but looking at the results, the PPP benefited the most in this whole situation and gained public popularity. Therefore, this time in the federation, it will definitely be such a position of the PPP that even if it does not form the government alone, it will definitely be the strongest party of all. Not only karachi but all over Sindh, the elections have been won with a huge majority, now the PPP is going on leave for two to three months, but its journey will start from where it has ended.

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