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August 14, Accounting Day

by Gee Tv
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independance day

In this way, we celebrate Independence Day every year with full enthusiasm. After the formation of Pakistan, now almost the third generation is breathing in this free country. It is seen that this generation is not able to fully understand the value of freedom. More of the blame seems to be on the parents. That we are keeping our children unaware of the history of becoming Pakistan. There are endless stories of the sacrifices of our ancestors. How they had enthusiasm at the time of independence. There was brotherhood, there was a state of misery. Transportation was extremely painful. But salute to those personalities who, despite all these hardships, have taken the same tune “Pakistan”. “Ban ke Rahega Pakistan” has been made his own scorpion. And realized a dream. We have not been able to pass on the goal of freedom to our present generation. We have not yet been able to teach our generation how to celebrate independence. We took out the bike’s silencer, They are celebrating Independence Day by playing baje, making noise, dancing by playing Indian music in cars, taking advantage of the holiday and watching Indian films. And that’s a harsh reality. How good it is that we recite the Quran for these martyrs, in the memory of these martyrs, everyone plants a tree and cultivates it. Arrange a thank you naafil. This time, along with Independence Day, if we all do our own account, we get acquitted by saying this every time. This time we should think about what we have given to Pakistan. I don’t want to disappoint you on this happy day, but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to reality. Think a little, we are a nation forgotten. We do not value our heroes, we forget our sons who laid down their lives for the defense and integrity of this country. We are a nation that does not learn from the past. Every time the same mistakes are repeated again and again. If we look at the history of Pakistan, after the seventies, our journey is towards the slope. We have just put our leader’s order on the wall and slept after drinking sattu. “Action of Action” When we compare it with our neighboring enemy country, the difference is noticeable. It has shaken the wheels of our country without directly fighting us through a certain thinking trick. For the first time, our religious, sectarian beliefs have been fuelled by sectarianism that has hollowed out the roots of our country. Secondly, our nationality has been divided, even today, if we ask anyone, he will tell the regional identity, it does not say that I am a Pakistani. Thirdly, our education system has been disturbed, sindh, especially its target, an education mafia has come into existence, which has held the whole system hostage. Destroy the education system of the country you want to destroy. The fourth attack was on our economy. He has been engaged in nefarious attempts for a long time to make our agricultural lands barren. Sometimes by stopping the water and sometimes by causing sudden flooding. The fifth Afghan is attacking us by reversing the blessings and blessings of the time of jihad. Now the methods of war have changed, especially since the emergence of nuclear power. We also have to consider our payments. Each person should make his own account. Are we doing justice to the post we’re working on? Are they fulfilling the responsibility assigned to them? Are we not unknowingly committing disloyalty to our people and our country? Thousands of such questions we can ask ourselves, shake our conscience. In my view, if we are able to convince our generation that this land is our mother. We have to defend our mother earth at all costs and take care of it in every way. And every head who intends to serve his people should not become a Pharaoh, and he should not divide mankind with ease for his people, nor should he adopt a double standard for the poor and for the powerful.The day justice prevails in this country. She will be the harbinger of a bright future. We may not be able to see the interpretation of the dream of a good future, but the next generation will definitely get this interpretation. Despair is disbelief, Let us pledge on this Independence Day that our country will not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the nation. They will do everything that makes nations. We will play our role in the development of the country. The Country Should Be Our First Priority We Will Bring Glory To Our Country Inside Our Country Or Even In The Country. And also pledge to debunk the myths we have adopted in the name of freedom. We will celebrate Independence Day like a dignified nation. May God be our protector and protector. Happy Independence Day, Long Live Pakistan

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