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Jaranwala’s heart-rending incident

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Initial investigations have ruled out the involvement of Indian intelligence agency RAW, whose proxies misled some people in the suburbs and brought them to Jaranwala and incited some locals to attack churches and properties of the Christian community. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir took notice of the tragedy and termed it as “very sad and intolerable” and said that all citizens of Pakistan are equal to each other regardless of gender, caste and creed.
This is not the first time such an incident has happened in the country. Such tragic incidents have happened in the past and such incidents may occur in the future, which not only damages Pakistan’s reputation around the world but also threatens the law and order in the country. Even those responsible could not escape the clutches of the law in any way. At this point, we will also have to take some strategy to stop the path of such incidents. In 2004, when I was in charge of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, there were two incidents, one in ShantiNagar and the other in Sangla Hill, where churches and schools were burnt.
“In one incident, there was a quarrel between Christian and Muslim youth while playing cards, which took the form of a tragic incident, at that time on my suggestion, a committee was formed on the basis of every district, in which apart from minority representatives, traders and ulema were also included. I should work to prevent any such incident, these committees now need to be revived and activated. Islam also urges us to fully protect the rights of minorities, for this we have an agreement of 628 AD, this agreement is worth reading and understanding, it gives us complete guidance Jaranwala.
Historically, it is said that it was written for a delegation of Christians from Yemen, the agreement reads, “This message is from Muhammad bin Abdullah to those who convert to Christianity, they are our citizens, there is protection from me for them, whether far or near, their churches will not be harmed, their judges will not be removed from office.” Their women will not be married without their permission, this woman will not be stopped from going to church for worship, this agreement will remain till the Day of Judgment” When our beloved Prophet himself has made such an agreement, we should realize for ourselves that no minority community should be harmed by our actions. Reacting strongly to the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran by the protesters The most tragic incidents of attacks on the Christian community, arson, burning of churches, dozens of houses, vehicles and other properties are absolutely unacceptable to the followers of any religion, especially Muslims. The caretaker government of Punjab has ordered a high-level inquiry into the incidents, the spokesman said, adding that it was an attempt to disturb peace in Pakistan under a well-planned conspiracy. The quran was desecrated and the sentiments of Muslims were hurt, which is under investigation.
According to a police spokesman, residents of the area accused a Christian youth of blasphemy, after which announcements were made from mosques and a large number of people gathered in the area. To save their lives, Christian citizens evacuated their homes and spread around. The protesters ransacked and set fire to the houses and churches of the Christian community.Riots were spread by inciting public sentiments. The Council of Islamic Ideology has called for the establishment of special courts to punish those involved in the Jaranwala tragedy, every section of the country has not only condemned the Jaranwala tragedy in the strongest terms, but everyone is of the view that such incidents have no place in Pakistan, everyone involved in this incident should be severely punished.
All the political parties, ulema, social, literary personalities and Pakistan Muslim League (Zia-ul-Haq Shaheed) have strongly condemned these attacks by the agitators, the best treatment meted out to the minorities in the country during the tenure of martyred President .
General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, due to which the Hindu, Sikh and Christian communities living in the country today remember them. It was during the tenure of martyred President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq that it was made easier for the minorities to elect their representatives to parliament through separate elections with their own votes, our position is that Islam does not allow this, nor the law of the country and the constitution, we demand that steps should be taken to restore churches and property that Islam is a religion of peace and security. It is the responsibility of Muslims to protect non-Muslims. No person or mob should become a judge or executioner themselves. If anyone commits blasphemy, he should be handed over to the law.

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