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A big man’s deprivations are also big.

by hammad Ghaznavi
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Hammad Ghaznavi

A big man’s deprivations are also big. In any society, there is a small group of successful people at the economic, social, and political peaks, about whom the observer from a distance thinks that these metaphors of success are free from all deprivations. But this is not the case. . Joon Bhai’s saying is “Dronyan-i tasli se tu milla hai kabi…Azab-e-hasrat-i baruniyaan to kuch bhai nahi”. In other words, the spectators’ regret is nothing compared to the players’ regrets. Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar was asked in her last interview what she would like to be in her next life, Lata ji says ‘anything, but not Lata Mangeshkar.’ ‘ was called by the nickname, Bulbul-e-Hind, who is considered to be the most ‘successful’ singer in the subcontinent’s music industry. Queen Tarnam Noor Jahan used to say that ‘I wish I could sing a tune in my life like my teacher.’ Noor Jahan is a woman who has seen nothing but fame and fortune all her life. There are things that we are unable to understand.
Does this rule apply in politics as well? Are the deprivations and failures of big politicians also big? If the Quaid-e-Azam is interviewed today, will his answer be the same as Lata Mangeshkar? Will Mother of the Nation Fatima Jinnah want to be Fatima Jinnah in her next birth? What will be Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s answer? (Perhaps Mr. Bhutto will say that I would like to be Sunil Dutt in my next birth, i.e. the husband of Nargis) Similarly, Nawaz Sharif, who has been the elected Prime Minister of this country for three times, will he again choose the same life that he is accustomed to. Partly means jail and exile, or would he prefer to be Muhammad Rafi in the next life humming among his loved ones. And Imran Khan? Most likely, Khan Sahib’s Himalayan ego and narcissism will push him to become Imran Khan in his next birth as well. But in this regard, our wish is something else, I will tell you what it is in a little while. Now let’s take a look at the current birth of Khan Sahib. The question is that at the point where Imran Khan has brought his party, can there be any way back from here? One thing is for certain that PTI may never be able to do “Piya Man Raj” like this if it becomes a political party after some time. While many other buildings were burnt in May 9 fire, PTI’s palace of dreams was also burnt to ashes. It is also a misconception that political parties recover from hard times. The lesson of history is something else, after this anger broke out on PPP, it has not been able to set foot in Punjab till today, and Mian Nawaz Sharif is forced to live a life of exile even then. However, the information is that The institution has repented of Ishq, there is a strong feeling among the staff that Project Imran was clearly a mistake which every effort will be made to correct. By the way, what the eye saw on May 9 was enough to maintain a deep gulf between the PTI and the Pakistan Army for some time, but actually the matter was much more terrifying than that, the PTI and its handlers used the army. had tried to attack the unity of the organization, not only the poisonous propaganda of division was done in the institution but also a broken attempt was made. It is not a secret, if you look at Imran Khan’s anti-chief politics, it is clear that the division of the institution was Imran Khan’s last hope. But the opposite happened. On May 9, the army was further decimated.
Now the next question that comes to mind is whether Imran Khan will be able to face the election in this birth? The truth is that the conduct of the elections is a bit of a blur. In our opinion, there are some unsaid conditions of elections. For example, the next election will not take place without Mian Nawaz Sharif, the next election will not take place after the cases against Imran Khan have been brought to a logical conclusion, and these two things probably cannot be done with the current Chief Justice. When will the elections take place? You may have got the answer. Another question also remains to be answered, will the Qazi Faiz Isa Commission be able to do its job? The simple answer is ‘No’. If this commission works, many judges will be caught, Saqib Nisar will also be caught, and if Saqib Nisar is caught, then the group of lovers will be caught. By the way, what do you think Saqib Nisar should become in the next birth? In our opinion, given his actions, he should become Saqib Nisar again as punishment.
And as far as Imran Khan is concerned, we sincerely believe that he should appear as Bacha Khan in his next birth so that Khan Sahib at least knows how many decades it took to become a true anti-establishment. He should spend time in jail, or return as Shehbaz Sharif so that Khan Sahib can live happily ever after with the establishment.

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