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The Sanctity of the Black Coat

by Dr. Ijaz Ahmed
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No profession is inherently bad. However, every profession includes people with different ways of thinking and backgrounds. The field of law is highly respected and prestigious. Those associated with this profession are considered to have an understanding of written laws. The founder of this country himself was a very good lawyer, which is why this profession is viewed with such respect and admiration.

Just as a fish can make the entire water dirty, some people associated with the legal profession take undue advantage of wearing black coats. They tarnish the reputations of honorable people, which is why the value of black coats in society is diminishing. Some videos go viral on social media, showing how law protectors are violating the law. No institution or individual is safe from their influence, and there is no authorized authority working to bring these black sheep within the grasp of the law.

If attempts are made to take the services of such lawyers to avoid the clutches of the police, they themselves become mute spectators. Of the record, they tell us that we are helpless and we eventually have to present ourselves there where these people are always present.

There was a time when people had negative thoughts about the police, but now that the judiciary of Chaudhry Iftikhar’s independence movement has succeeded, many lawyers have emerged. They consider themselves superior to the law. Videos of disrespect by judges of lower courts also testify to this. That no law is applied to them, with which they can be apprehended for intimidating and violating the dignity of respectable people, and their licenses can be revoked.

Now it has reached the point that someone who arranges a match has said that if a boy is a lawyer, the girl’s family is not interested. Due to the wrong behavior of some people, everyone is being tarnished.

Similarly, shopkeepers are very frustrated with these people. A shopkeeper was saying that if someone wearing a black coat comes to buy something, our effort is not to sell anything to that person. When the reason was asked, he explained that the product we sell is made by some company and we sell it after taking our legal profit.

The product may also be defective. The responsibility should be assumed by the company, not by the seller who earned a profit of fifty rupees. Some lawyers have made it a habit to send notices to shopkeepers in the guise of consumer court laws and blacklist them. The shopkeeper is forced to close his shop and cannot even go to the court. This is well known to these black sheep. Although such practices are not common in the legal profession, they tarnish the image of this respected profession. The bar councils should expel such elements from their ranks who misuse the law. If a journalist does this, it is called yellow journalism, but there is no harm in calling it black lawyering when a lawyer misuses the law.

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