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Body Shaming: The Era’s Substantial Dread

by Armeen Fiaz
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Armeen fiaz

Humiliation is so common nowadays. People need to learn how to talk with someone without making them feel insecure. It’s a kind of bullying that you make someone realize that you are not capable of living in society or feel very easy to judge because of their physical appearance until you feel it upon yourself. Sometimes many of us have to face the negative and cruel comments regarding our insecurities and especially to a specific body part. It’s against the societal norms by setting a boarderline of pretence that either you are fit or unfit. People humiliate others by saying nasty sentences like, “Oh, you are so skinny. Have you lost weight? You look so fatty today. Don’t you think that your colour is getting darker day by day? And the worst way is when someone has shamed you for your acne. Even if they are advising someone in a jesting manner about weight loss or dieting or using branded makeup to hide one’s scars, it is also considered body shame. Although their intentions are not to hurt your feelings, because of your own critical nature and self-consciousness, you got hurt. When our weaknesses are highlighted by some individuals, especially in public places, this’ll has become our greatest fear

As Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said

“Whoever admonishes someone in private, he corrects him

“Whoever admonishes someone in front of everyone has made it worse.”

This body shaming act is indirectly accomplished by media influencers, societal beauty standards, and lack of self-acceptance. It is often done by your friends, parents, peers’ groups, or the person you don’t even know. The things we see on social media have set the standard for beauty in our lives. However, it’s nothing but a falsehood. The charismatic media culture encourages unrealistic delicacy standards and emphasizes physical appearance over other qualities. Magazines advertise different TV shows and digital platforms, which often depict a narrow range of body types and elevate the idea that only certain types of bodies are desirable.

In the Quran, Allah, SWT said:

“We have created men in the best composition.”

(surah Al-tin: 95;4)

The society doesn’t even realize the negative impact on someone’s brain, who is already fighting with flaws. A lot of body shaming victims undergo mental breakdowns, inferiority complexes, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or general hating yourself. People may compare themselves to the images they see in the media and feel like they lack it , which can result in low self-esteem and body dissatisfaction. Your insecurities about yourself urge you to achieve unrealistic expectations that are impossible. The body shaming is not gender specific. According to the survey, 58% of boys and 63% of girls are reported as overweight, combatting daily bullying about the sizes and shape of their bodies. This discrimination and systemic bias also lead youth towards a suicidal attempt. In our society, many virgin girls remained unmarried due to specified standardized beauty and the society pressure that let them grow old sitting at home. Because they are born with this average beauty, society makes life difficult for them

Our last Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said in his last sermon during the pilgrimage:

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve; an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has a superiority over an Arab; also, a White has no superiority over a Black nor a Black has any superiority over a White except by pity and good action.”

Flaws in someone’s body terribly affect its personality and confidence and make it feel uncomfortable for the public gathering. Because when someone is advising them how to cope with the flaws, So, they put them in a weird situation, and they feel embarrassed and scattered. One becomes a non-social person for not getting itself into this awkward situation again and hiding themselves from people who talk about its frailty openly and even do not feel strong enough to answer and give a shut-up call to them. It may be socially acceptable to mock others, but we don’t have to accept or tolerate such cruel words. Instead of pointing out someone’s insecurities, why not say something nice to a person? For example, I like your smile. This will make the person standing in front of you think about the positive attributes you have. The only thing you have to remember is not to let anyone define you.

It is very necessary to educate people about the etiquette of social gatherings, moral values, and each other’s personal space. Also, we should develop a sense of self-love and reframe or challenge our negative thoughts. We should also make such friends and peer groups who do not judge our personalities based on our physical appearance. Rather, they appreciate our skills and help us to stay positive in every situation. As none of us are born without purpose, we have to accept ourselves and our flaws and unleash our potential

In Surah Rehman (ordered 55 in the Quran), Allah (SWT) describes the beautiful creations of Him, as well as His blessings that He is bestowing upon humans.

Sometimes, we need to put ourselves in others’ shoes in order to realize the magnitude of blessings we are given and to thank Allah for bestowing us with such blessings that we take for granted.

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