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A civilian authority?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal Rehan

These days, Pakistani politics is going to enter a new phase, like our current National Assembly is being dissolved on August 9 after completing its term, with which the coalition government formed under the leadership of the PML-N will end as well as its performance will be discussed and it will be compared to the performance of the PTI government in three and a half years.
There is also a debate about what the next supervisory setup will look like. Will it consist of technocrats or will it include politicians with some influence? But it has not yet been decided who is going to lead the caretaker setup. There are also concerns that the current caretaker administration will be able to hold the elections on time or this monitoring will also be prolonged like the provincial supervisors. There is still strong evidence that this year’s elections do not seem to be held, there is no sign of getting rid of the clouds of confusion in the politics of the whole country and the information is clear, the truth is that our political game has gone into the hands of the powerful to a large extent at this time or in more accurate words the hands of the powerful have become stronger than ever before.
Civil-military relations in this unfortunate country have been appearing for the last seven decades with the same tension or tide that former Pir Pagada Syed Mardan Shah always called a rat-cat game. When a powerful politician came to power, it seemed as if the tide was getting heavier towards civilians. Sooner or later, the invisible hands used to make miracles in such a way that the heavy-looking politician would be kept light in the public eye, as if there could be no bigger thief, anti-national or agent of India. Those who brought it would have believed that even if it was not clay, because we were brought or seated, they would be indebted to us and would play the role of puppets with full vigor, as soon as he takes out the parts.So it is assumed that my cat and our mother will be killed. Historically, in individual rule or non-democratic periods, such a pattern can be seen, such as we can understand the role of the beginning of the East India Company in the declining Mughal period with different examples. Apparently, the name here is well known to everyone about democracy, but the fog is the same.
Perhaps in this context, our retiring high-flying flight has spoken well at the farewell dinner of the coalition MPs, “I am taunted that I am a man of the establishment, but I do not care about these taunts.” Then what does it matter if someone calls it Cherry Blossom or boot palsia or puppets and sycophants? Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi accepted the job of the powerful against Ms. Benazir or in front of her confrontation, and when he was made to sit on the throne of the Prime Minister, he also had to hear some such taunts. The big or popular Prime Minister says my name will come with their names.
Today, we are also hearing the same expression of regret from the mouth of our current reconciliation or appeasement prime minister, who says that I used to be taunted about Pervez Musharraf too, that I am very “close” to him, even though he fed me a lot of lidupadas, in other words, I flattered him so much that I was known by the same name. But he did not even make me the exhibition prime minister by giving me that ludpida murad exhibition post.
In dervish’s view, this thinking is a poison killer in terms of the greatness of democracy or the establishment of civilian authority, it weakens the Genoese people who come above their public power and they also have a passion for public authority.It will be described as the compulsion of power or circumstances that when those who have the power of public authority are ousted, then they will be forced to retreat and come to the ring of a thief running away, then it is like our political chess game, in which sometimes we have to move forward, then we have to step back again and again, but in this whole game. The real kachumar comes out of the people.
Today, the countries that have become independent with us are moving forward in nation building and development and experimenting like Chandrayaan-3, while we are evaluating who will be the caretaker Prime Minister, the next elections will be held next year or a new long period will have to be faced. Our competition here is not in establishing public authority.It is in who is the bigger puppet and the more sycophant? If those who have brought one himself have been slapped, then he is still singing the same strong melody “Love you, fight with you” Everyone is seeing his incompetence and jail journey, but he thinks that if you do not get flowers, then you have become friends with thorns, if you do not get a boot, then the hammer will become a support, if the maulvi is not found, then malvi is god, god is not a ram. Ram will do it, but how long will the goat’s mother celebrate, can our thoughts go beyond boots and hammers? Will we ever get rid of the powerful as well as such small mentalities? Will we ever see the face of ideal democracy? Will we ever be able to become a dignified pro-democracy nation instead of beggars?

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