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What happened…!

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar barlas

I have pictures of the past and the present in front of me. I have seen Pakistan shining in the past. A country that had a passion to live, passion was speaking. We were brilliant, PIA was brilliant, we taught many countries to fly planes. The world’s largest airlines were started by our people, the rulers of America and Britain considered it proud to travel through PIA. Pakistan was the first window of China through which the People of China started seeing the world. PIA was the first international airline to land in China, it was celebrated all over China. During the Ayubi period, China was given three ships, one of which was used by Mao Zedong, on this ship, courtesy by Pakistan is still written.
Pakistan was the first country to start trading with China, we used razors, needles and other items made by China for a long time. Pakistan had allowed Chinese Muslims to perform Hajj and Umrah, Chinese Muslims would come by buses and then Pakistan would arrange for them to reach the Holy Hejaz. Once upon a time, the chinese used to have a visa for Pakistan, but today China has gone far beyond us. We have never reviewed China’s development and its decline. There are 39 cities with a population of one million across Europe, while China has established 160 cities with a population of more than one million in the last 30 years. The world’s 36,000 multinational companies are forced to set up factories in China. There are four principles of China’s development. Sincere leadership, tireless work, self-reliance and self-reliance. China has never taken a spade. What our Prime Minister says to the world is not hidden. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia have prospered by replicating our five-year plan.
We gave loans to Japan and Germany, we were very strong, imagine that the first Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Abdul Rashid emptied the ink from the pen on the last day of his job and said, “I cannot take it home, this is the trust of my country.” We had honest people in every field, people in powerful positions feared God, did good. In the past, the railways were also profitable. People used to give examples of our canal system, i don’t know what happened then, our steps stopped, the shadow of the devil faded away.First the country was divided into two pieces and then we were divided into several pieces. Earlier our leaders were sincere, not corrupt, but it is sad to see today’s picture.
Today, China, Japan and Germany are far ahead, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore are also ahead. Till the 1990s, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan were behind us. India is investing $ 20 billion on space missions, Indian currency is acceptable in 25 countries. India has become the world’s fifth largest economy. India is going to build a new city Gujarat International Finance Tech City (GIFT) 15 kilometers away from Gujarat, this is a $ 600 billion project.All the major universities of the world are opening campuses here. In the next five years, India will give 40 million students to international universities. The assets of the common man of India will triple and our situation is that the white-collar class in Pakistan has completely defaulted. Where do we stand, we sometimes make electricity expensive to survive as a country, sometimes we increase the price of petrol, the whole government becomes a statue of gratitude when the loan is approved by the IMF.
What we were and what we became, the leaders we got in the last 40 years were neither sincere nor honest. He went so far in self-interest that he forgot the welfare of the people and the national interest. These leaders of ours have corrupted the entire society, where the leaders are priests of wealth, there is no greenery, there the land becomes barren and this is our situation today. Ahmed Faraz’s poems are remembered:
I don’t know which way the wind blows.
Everyone raised their hands and did not know the prayer.
The faces of the seasons do not leave the yolks.
I don’t know why the flowers don’t look pleasant.
The leaders also seem to be from the nobles.
I don’t know where the caravan will fall.
They lost their lives in the field.
I don’t know how the moons happened.
The change of scenery is just in sight.
We also know what we don’t know.
We heal the wounds of the heart with faraz poems
What to do when the Messiah doesn’t know the medicine

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