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A blow to Sindh in the name of population.

by Muhammad khan Abro
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Muhammad khan abro

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has also come forward with a strong stand after all the concerns I have expressed in the previous columns about the digital population census going on in the country have been proven true. After his stand, the 23rd population census of Sindh after 2017 has become controversial even at the official level. On Thursday, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, made a stand on behalf of the Sindh government and said that 68 million people of Sindh have not been included in the census. The results will not be accepted. Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah also said that the actual population of Sindh is more than 6 crore 44 lakh, but the federal government has counted 5 crore 76 people and the rest of the people have not been counted. But my personal position is that whatever the population of Sindh is, an attempt has been made to disturb the balance between Sindhis and refugees by increasing the population of Karachi. In other words, this issue is not so important for us at this time whether the population of Sindh is six million or seven million, but our real problem is that what is the population of Karachi and the rest of Sindh?
After 2017 and again in 2017, the census was to be conducted in a period of five years, but the federal government decided to stop the census after May 15 in the rest of the country except Punjab. That is, the population of Sindh is not acceptable beyond that, while the calculation for the increase in the population of Punjab will continue. In fact, the political demography of the country is going to change completely after the tragic action on May 9 and we have become oblivious to such an issue like the population of Sindh in such an uncertain situation.

Some people have been unnecessarily criticizing the Sindh government that it has been delayed in the census issue, but in fact it has been timely because the federal government decided to stop the census process in Sindh and continue it in Punjab. The Sindh government has started making noises which shows its solidarity with Sindh.
During this census, the country has entered a very critical period. In the guise of protests, the most important monuments of national assets have been burnt, the Chagai monument built by Shaheed Bhutto, a warplane that set a record for shooting down five Indian aircraft and the residence of the Father of the Nation, which is now the residence of the Corps Commander. It has been burned, of course this is not a normal violence event. The government has also come out on the ground to settle accounts with these leaders, after which a split has started in PTI. All this is not so easy, of course, it has become necessary for those parties who raised the horse of PTI to rein that horse. Therefore, along with talking about the national politics, we will talk about the most important issue of Sindh, census, because the census will be the source of the financial share of Sindh in the coming period. Provinces are given the NFC award based on their population. The last NFC award was given to Sindh by the PPP government in 2010. After the citizens of the province, the people living here illegally should also be included in the census so that the total population of nationals and illegal residents can be found. Like the people of Sindh, the government of Sindh is also of the same opinion that every district of Sindh has been undercounted in the digital census and the rights of the next generation have been violated. The story of injustice with Sindh is old.

Sindh has been exploited in every case until stealing the water of the Indus River and to continue this tradition of exploitation and to increase the ratio of oppression, new preparations are being made in the name of digital census. The unofficial and unofficial figures of the digital population till 16 May 2023 have come out, which are very shocking. Compared to the 2017 census, during the digital census conducted in 2023 after almost 6 years, the total population of Sindh province has increased by 97 lakh 25 thousand 204 people. 29 lakh 96 thousand in the population of the districts included in Hyderabad Division 17 lakh 15 thousand in the population of the districts included in Larkana Division 19 lakh 53 thousand in the population of Mirpur Special Division 9 lakh 10 thousand, Shaheed Benazirabad The population of the division is 10 lakh one thousand, the population of Sukkur division has shown an increase of 11 lakh 59 thousand, which is not much according to the increasing speed of population. According to the statistics available on the website of the Department of Statistics, the total population of Sindh has increased by 87 lakh 25 thousand 204 during the 2023 census compared to the 2017 census. 75 lakh 79 thousand 714, while the total population of Sindh was 4 crore 78 lakh 54 thousand 510 according to the 2017 census. And if the rest of the regions of Sindh are reviewed in detail, compared to the population of Hyderabad Division in 2017, the total increase has been 17 lakh 15 thousand 790, after which the total population of Hyderabad Division has become one crore 23 lakh 11 thousand 839. Also, the population of Badin districts included in Hyderabad division was 18 lakh 4 thousand 958 in 2017, which has increased to 20 lakh 47 thousand 918 in 2023. The total population of Dadu district in 2017 was 15 lakh 50 thousand 390, which has increased to 17 lakh. It has become 64 thousand 704, the population of Hyderabad district was 21 lakh 99 thousand 928 in 2017, it has increased to 26 lakh 3 thousand 436, the population of Jamshori district has increased from 9 lakh 93 thousand 908 to 11 lakh 72 thousand 589. The population of Matari district has increased from 7 lakh 70 thousand 40 to 8 lakh 94 thousand 864, the population of Sajawal district has increased from 7 lakh 79 thousand 62 to 9 lakh 34 thousand 289, the population of Tando Elhiar district is 8 lakh 38 thousand 527 It has increased to 9 lakh 83 thousand 193. The population of Tando Muhammad Khan district has increased from 6 lakh 77 thousand 98 to 7 lakh 97 thousand 574. The population of Thatta district has increased from 9 lakh 82 thousand 138 to 11 lakh 53 thousand 272. has arrived Meanwhile, compared to the population of 2017, the population of Karachi Division has increased by only 29 lakh 86 thousand 195 during 2023. In 2017, the population of Karachi Division was 1 crore 60 lakh 24 thousand 894, which has increased to 1 crore 90 lakh 11 thousand 89 during the 2023 census, while the population of Larkana Division has increased by 19 lakh 53 thousand 913 people. In this way, the population of Mirpur Khas Division has increased by only 9 lakh 10 thousand 516 people in 2017 compared to 2023. According to the population census of 2017, the total population of Mirpur Khas Division was 42 lakh 24 thousand 945, during 2023 it has increased by 51 lakh 35 thousand 461. It has been done, while the population of Shaheed Benazirabad Division has increased by only 10 lakh one thousand 285 people during 2023 compared to 2017. It has increased to 62 lakh 76 thousand 711, in this way, the population of Sukkur division has increased by 11 lakh 59 thousand 103 during 2023 compared to 2017, after which the population of Sukkur division in 2017 is 55 lakh 42. It has increased from one thousand 270 to 67 lakh one thousand 373 in 2023. According to this calculation, the population of Sindh, which is increasing at the speed of the total population, should be at least between seven to eight million. It has been decided to continue the census process from which the intention and intentions of the federation can be easily gauged. The divisive politics in the federal government is also on the rise, Sindh will have to bear the loss not only in terms of population but also in every aspect. PTI has become a victim of fragmentation after attacks on military bases, resignations of MNAs from Karachi and Punjab are going on. Federal Minister Khawaja Asif has claimed that a group of 22 MNAs of PTI is coming.

They say that 33 MNAs and 43 MPs of PTI have decided to leave the party. PTI member from Punjab Aamir Kayani announced to leave the party and politics, Aamir Kayani was MNA elected from NA 61 and Additional Secretary General of PTI. On the other hand, PPP leader Ali Musa Geelani claimed that many PTI leaders from Balochistan are also in contact to leave the party. It was only after the difficult time that came to PTI that the news came out that now who is standing with Umtan Khan, but this whole issue has arisen when the high courts of the country started giving conflicting and controversial decisions. The government of Sindh has decided to raise the case of population census of Sindh in the dispute between the judicial and political institutions of the country, it is necessary that all the nationalist and public democratic parties of Sindh play their required role on the important issue of population census.

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