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Maryam Nawaz Horoscope

by Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi
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Maryam Nawaz

Assalam Alaikum, I am Astrologer Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi My facebook page and my YouTube channel is in the name of astrtology Future I110 What I have come up with a video for today is the horoscope of Maryam Nawaz Sahib Maryam Nawaz Sahib which is for Non-League. At present, she is fully leading and leading the Non-League party and she has become quite famous within her party, which she has held very good meetings and given very good speeches. She is representing a very big party of Pakistan and her father Nawaz Sharif has handed over the entire party to her, so I have read her horoscope many times before and Alhamdulillah every time I read it As Red Kia has said, this is exactly how his parties are predicted according to his horoscope. I will look at her horoscope today. The maha dasha and uttar dasha that she is running at the moment are not very good planets. Right now she is getting involved in politics and learning politics which is the parade of planets. They are the periods of political decline, the periods of the planets are going on, they make a person a politician, they make him a politician, and they teach him those things in politics. Is it politics? The period is going on and it will continue until September 2023. The period that is going on till September 2023 is making them politicians.

She is learning things and gradually she is getting heavy on these things, you see she has made a good progress within the non-league and she has become recognized in Pakistan. Let me tell you what I am going to prophesy about Maryam Nawaz Sahib. You can see a little bit. From September 2023, the parade of one of her big powerful plants is starting.
And that powerful plant might be able to get him very intellectual and get him a big position in a party. can be assigned to Within this period and this period will last for one year and within the transit the powerful transit of the same powerful plant is seen. Within this time period, they will get many benefits, children will get happiness, children will get Sikh, their intelligence will be very good in this time period and they will be able to perform very well. Hearts will be swimming, which is natural at this time when the plants are doing well. So in this time the good things are reaching the people and are beneficial in this time they will do a lot for the poor people. The time period that is going on, this time period is for two things, to improve their spirituality and to make them politicians. You can see in both things that they are very much interested in politics. And in addition, see in spirituality. So the glorification is always in their hands and they are glorifying, so all these things will go with them, but as soon as they have a good planning period in September, I think at that time they will be much better. Can perform. People will start meeting with them more, their members of the party who are coming out in a good way will meet with them. 2023 September to 2024 which is the time period.

They may enjoy this time period by staying out more or strengthen their party by staying out. Either way there may be more outside visits. They may stay out for some time when this period comes after September. In the time period I can say that he may come back and lead the party well. This was my brief astrological analysis. Others who have allegations against him or who are litigating against him also have a lot of power. There will be a good relaxation. No new litigations, etc. Read what is more, inshallah you share it do Comment & Like InshaAllah and I will bring you better videos.

Assalam Alaikum.

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