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People Yearn for Life Throughout Their Lives.

by Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan
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Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that affects individuals throughout their lives, as they struggle to cope with this disease and strive for a fulfilling life. We can’t truly understand the pain of the affected children and the agony their parents go through. These children cannot lead a normal life. They struggle to study effectively, and they are unable to play with friends because the deficiency in their blood affects their brain function intermittently. Every three to four weeks, they have to undergo a blood transfusion, during which they have to miss school, and they constantly worry about developing various complications. This burden affects not only their lives but also their loved ones.

According to health experts, there are two types of thalassemia: thalassemia minor and thalassemia major. In thalassemia minor, there is a slight reduction in red blood cells, but in thalassemia major, this reduction is severe and progressive. Thalassemia major patients require blood transfusions almost every month, and their lives revolve around these transfusions. Hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells, contains iron pigment that binds with oxygen to form oxyhemoglobin, which delivers oxygen and energy to every part of the body. Due to a specific reason, if the body’s system is unable to produce hemoglobin, this condition occurs. According to health experts, if both the mother and father have thalassemia minor, the chances of their children having thalassemia major are significantly higher.

Sickle cell disease is a hereditary condition transmitted to children through a specific gene. These genes are inherited from both the mother and the father. If both parents have the defective gene, they themselves lead a normal and ordinary life, but there is a possibility that the child may be affected by this condition. Thus, thalassemia is passed on from parents to children. The affected child appears normal at birth, but doctors can diagnose the disease within six months to two years of age.

The monthly cost of treating a child with this debilitating disease is approximately more than ten thousand rupees, which is extremely difficult and unaffordable for individuals belonging to the average class, excluding the poor parents. Moreover, social institutions that provide free treatment for this disease also suffer from a lack of funds, which often deprives many underprivileged children of complete treatment, leading to their unfortunate demise. It is said that children are the collective responsibility of society, but children affected by thalassemia rely on us for their every moment of life and seek our attention. We should not disappoint these little flowers. They have needles attached to their fragile arms, and their helpless parents are forced to endure the hardships in order to save their children’s lives. Therefore, these suffering individuals await our assistance. It is the demand of humanity that each and every one of us should feel their pain, and we should save their lives by donating blood. Medical experts suggest that every healthy person should donate blood at least twice a year, as it does not have any negative effects on health. On the contrary, individuals who donate blood remain healthy.

The number of individuals who donate blood in other countries of the world is very high. Unfortunately, in our country, only about 4 to 5 percent of individuals are blood donors who regularly donate blood in a voluntary manner. Other individuals donate blood in case of accidents or other serious situations. However, any person between the ages of 18 and 50, weighing over approximately 50 kilograms, can donate blood.

In addition to blood donation, financial assistance can help these children in obtaining medications and blood supply. We should provide special support and assistance to individuals who are struggling with difficulties and financial problems because in the case of thalassemia, the expensive treatment does not normalize the iron levels in the body, and regular blood transfusions are required. Additionally, regular medical tests are necessary.

As a result, affected children and their families are deprived of living a normal life. We should share their sorrow and provide them with blood donations.

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