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“Darkness of the Heart.”

by Professor Abdullah Bhatti
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Professor Abdullah Bhatti

Mian Shahzad was sitting in front of me, whom we used to address as “friend” or “prince.” My first meeting with him was today, a few days ago. I received a call from his brother’s wife saying that there is a government officer in my city who knows about you. He has ruined my life. Please recommend him to me, and I will meet him with your reference. My friend had told me that she is my sister-in-law, and it is a matter concerning my sister. Please strongly recommend it so that my honor is restored. When my sister’s name came up, I politely requested the government officer. Then the government officer promised to meet her and assured her that he will not trouble her anymore. When the government officer said this, he came to my house with gratitude and brought expensive gifts. I said, “You are my friend’s sister-in-law, and you are highly respectable to me. These gifts were not necessary at all. Why did you go through all this trouble?” Then the prince said, “Sir, you are my benefactor, so thank you was in order.” The prince was about to include me in his list of friends. He said, “I will find you very loyal and obedient. I will find you very loyal and obedient.” Even then, I refused, saying that in the future, you should not go through the trouble of these gifts. During our conversation, I felt that he did not want to be close to me. He knew the art of conversation very well and began to tell me about his relationships with his senior officers and how he takes care of his influential friends who are government officials.

On an annual basis, this grain fruit animal native ghee gives various kinds of gifts to friends. In this way, it was also encouraging me to start evaluating it after our smart conversation. Because studying thin ash is my favorite pastime, its age was more than fifty years. Expensive beautiful clothes, expensive watches, expensive woven shiny shoes, expensive luxury cars, traveling with servant security guards, lavish conversations, raining expensive treats, he knew the art of showering expensive gifts very well. His health was indicating vitality, glow, and radiance, showing that he takes special care of his health due to his luxurious lifestyle. He was famous among friends by the name of “Mian Shahzade” (Prince) because of this. He sat with me for quite a while, kept complimenting me, but he couldn’t impress me at all. I knew very well that he was trying to impress me or get closer to me only because of that government officer. Then he left, but even after a few days, he was present with gifts. Now I refused again, but this was the third time he insisted, which made me think seriously about him. After two days, I went and talked to my friend, the government officer, and told him that I go to Mr. Rego Larr Professor. I didn’t like this statement at all. In the second instance, I also felt that he had come to me four times. Each time, I felt an odd entanglement, helplessness, and a sense of suffocation. I feel joyful and content when I meet people day and night, and my happiness continues until the end. People of every color, race, and temperament come to me, and I meet them with joy and courtesy. But even after these four meetings, he didn’t come close to me as if he were a beautiful fair-skinned, white, complete person with good clothes and conversation. People knew him as “Prince,” and a wide circle of friends and people liked his company very much.

This is that dear person of society who is the favorite of every gathering, the preferred individual of everyone’s heart. But whenever he comes to me or his name appears on my mobile screen, my helplessness begins. I used to detest him, not wanting him to come near me, but he had become obsessed with me. There was something in his personality that entangled me, and my senses were so clouded that I couldn’t figure out the reason for my helplessness in front of the prince. Now I called my friend, and he was very happy that the prince speaks highly of me. This started a mutual respect and gratitude between us. After some casual conversation, I turned to my real intention and asked, “Friend, what kind of person is this prince?” He said, “Sometimes there are rumors of him being extravagant and such, but he is generally a very successful and intelligent person. Also, the prince’s wife and my sister also want to meet you. I gave her your number, and she will talk to you.” Now I started waiting for the prince’s wife’s call, but soon enough, the prince’s wife called me. After the introductory conversation, I hit her with a direct question, “Sister, what kind of person is this prince? I have a bad impression of his character. How loyal is he to you? He’s not involved with other women, is he? Maybe she was just waiting for my question. She burst out saying, “You are my brother’s friend, promise me you won’t tell him or anyone else. He is my husband, who is very successful, well-respected, and clever in society, but he acts like a sexual animal. His sexual desires have no regard for any relationship. He does anything to fulfill his impure sexual desires. He appears to be a handsome prince on the outside, but inside, he is very dark.”

his is a dark-hearted person who hasn’t spared my younger sister, who is my cousin. I will tell people that he has harmed my little sister, and my brothers will beat him up. He is very cunning, providing for all our expenses at home, never letting any shortage of anything, but he doesn’t spare the housemaids either. Alcohol and lust are his food, without which he cannot survive. He leaves anyone he desires, abandoning them after obtaining them at any cost. He doesn’t value relationships. He appears fair from the outside but is dark and lustful inside, a sexual beast. Then this poor girl told me the long story of his promiscuity, which she knew about. She sought my help, saying she is greatly affected by him. For God’s sake, bring him on the right path. I made a promise to the poor girl, and when the prince came to me, I lied, saying I have a genie who informed me about all his misdeeds. It’s better if you repent. Hearing this, the prince turned pale and frightened, but without saying a word, he left. A month passed, and he didn’t come back, so I called him and said, “Prince, if you don’t repent, God’s grip will come, and you will not be able to show your face to anyone.” Then I hung up the phone. A year passed, and whenever the prince’s wife or mother-in-law prayed and waited for divine intervention, I continued waiting for God’s verdict. Then the wheels of fate started turning, and after many months, I received a call from the prince. He was sobbing and admitted that I was right, and he was wrong. He was immersed in promiscuity. When you stopped him, he also moved away from you. A few months later, I was involved with a girl, and her brothers seduced me, undressed me, and created explicit sexual images and videos with me, which they then circulated on social media. Now I hide my face and have been absent from home and the city for two months. I have grown a beard.

I spend time disguised at shrines, not knowing when I might commit suicide out of fear of infamy. Please forgive me, and pray to Allah for my forgiveness. Then, she hung up, crying, and I was amazed at the justice of nature, how sexual predators in our society engage in sexual immorality while appearing beautiful, even though they are black-hearted. Then they become advertisements for God’s punishment.

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