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World Orphans Day

by shahzad saleem abbassi
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Today is World Orphans Day. Like the rest of the world, in Pakistan, we will talk about the rights of orphans and remember them. Little fairies and little flowers will bloom and sparkle today. Surely, even the angels of Allah are dancing with the exchanges of smiles of orphaned children. The children are lucky who are being raised in the laps of their parents. In Pakistan, there are 4.2 million unfortunate children who are deprived of the shadow of a father. Actually, they are not unlucky, but it is necessary to write with a heavy heart that there is no government support or laps available for orphans. As I am writing this, my tears are falling and my heart is helpless, thinking that each orphan child should be met today, hugged, their sorrow should be alleviated, their needs should be met, their smiles should be protected, and their happiness should be doubled. And they should be told that being an orphan is not a sin. Often, being an orphan becomes a feeling of guilt. Therefore, orphaned children should be made to feel that it is a test from Allah and Allah Almighty tests only those whom He loves. The government of two worlds has instructed the virtues of the guardian of orphans and said, “I and the guardian of an orphan will be close in Jannah, and you have joined the forefinger and middle finger to state this.”

In recent years, a video of the Vice President of Faun Foundation Pakistan, Muhammad Abdul Shakoor, went viral in which he stated that “there are 5 to 6 crore families living in Pakistan, and many of them are fortunate enough to celebrate various occasions such as birthdays, Eid, and Pakistan Day. They participate in various ceremonies and events and are happy.” A new concept emerged in recent years that a day should be celebrated in Pakistan for orphaned children, called “Orphan Day.” The UN and Turkey jointly determined the day, and it was decided that from now on, every year on the 15th of Ramadan, Orphan Day would be celebrated. Many organizations in Pakistan have joined hands to celebrate this day and have decided to request from all those who have been blessed by Allah with a happy family, to think especially about the orphaned children in their neighborhoods, communities, and cities. They should remember them, gift them, put a hand on their head, and recall those orphaned children who have achieved good positions in the past or present. Society should make an effort to realize that orphaned children are as important to us as our own children, so that we can build a compassionate society.

The government should announce today that the orphan program will be run properly and every orphan’s data will be collected from all over the country, just like how we collect data for our own children. Their care and welfare should be ensured so that orphans and non-orphans can move forward together. There are many institutions in Pakistan that work for the welfare of orphans, including the Al-Khidmat Foundation. The way Al-Khidmat Foundation has served the earthquake affected people in Tharparker, Cholistan, recent floods, Turkey, and Syria, and is currently supporting people with food and other necessities, is not only admirable but also worthy of pride. Al-Khidmat Foundation, which is currently taking care of more than 22,000 children in their homes, is also providing care for orphans in quality orphanages. Al-Khidmat Foundation’s President, Hammad Attique Malik, has stated that they are dedicated to serving all human necessities from grave to cradle. Al-Khidmat Foundation is working at a national level in seven areas, including disaster management, public health, education, clean water, orphan care, livelihood program, and social services.

Mohammed Arbi established that great and widespread revolution which became a beacon of light in the darkness. He said, “The best among you is the one who benefits others.” The Prophet of Islam laid the foundation for public welfare programs, and service to humanity and public welfare continue to be part of his comprehensive teachings. The strong emphasis given by Prophet Muhammad to various welfare programs and economic initiatives include the spreading of news about the poor, assisting widows, teaching technical and vocational skills, arranging marriages for the needy, providing assistance to orphans, behaving well with the families of those who serve the religion and the nation, spending wealth in a lawful manner, prohibiting interest-based transactions, putting a stop to illegitimate sources of income, and giving directives to prevent extravagance and wastage. Islam teaches us to respect humanity and to empathize with the creation of Allah. It urges us to console and show sympathy for the grief of wives, laborers, orphans, the poor, and the helpless. Therefore, it is necessary that wherever we are, we should practice Islamic teachings, freeing ourselves from the shackles of race, color, religion, and with compassion, equality, and integrity, present a model of solidarity.

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