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Will there be a Saudi business deal in Jeddah?

by akmal soomro
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akmal soomro

While the Sharif family traditionally spends the last ten days of Ramadan in Mecca and Medina upon invitation from the Saudi royal family, Nawaz Sharif is also determined to benefit Saudi Arabia economically. As he is interested in Gwadar, Saudi Arabia is currently seeking approval for a special policy in their existing cabinet that will allow for a $10 billion business activity, including Saudi oil refineries. The Minister of Petroleum, Dr. Musadik Malik, has already confirmed the policy.

The Saudi government is in talks with Nawaz Sharif regarding an oil refinery project with top officials of the government. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the oil refinery project during his visit to Islamabad in 2019, but policy documents could not be finalized. Nawaz Sharif will approve this special policy through his brother, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and bring significant financial benefits to Saudi Arabia in the oil industry.

If the exploitation of national resources is behind the ages in the protocol, then we must ask ourselves how long Pakistan will continue to formulate its policies for the deceptive and financial benefits of other countries? – Akmal Sumro, Lahore.

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