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Why the Bajaur suicide attack?

by Afzaal rehan
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Afzaal Rehan

On August 15, 2021, the ashraf ghani government in Afghanistan was overthrown and the new Taliban government was formed on the claim that this time it would be different from mullah Omar’s Taliban government. Under the Doha Agreement, it was agreed with the United States that in the future, the Taliban would not be involved in terrorist acts nor would they allow their territory to be used for such activities.
Assurances for the future of any individual or group can only be judged in the light of past performance or behavior, which is why when the Doha Agreement was going to be reached, intellectuals all over the world raised their voice that the Taliban’s assurances would prove to be effective with time. It was possible to somehow end this useless war and withdraw its forces, so many blunders were made in this hurry.
The Us administration’s estimates about the Ashraf Ghani government and its capability were also proved wrong, the Americans were unable to understand the psyche of our region correctly, they believed that about 200,000 forces, which were trained by their own people, would perform as a force of a nation-state, but when the time came, this force proved to be a wall of sand, then the Americans understood that their heavy How the money was being siphoned off.
On the other hand, the United States was also suspicious of Pakistan and accused it of double game. There is no denying the fact that the Taliban government in Afghanistan is not in Pakistan’s interest in any way.
Soon after August 15, 2021, when our Prime Minister was saying in front of the international media that “the victory of the Taliban is actually the victory of Islam and that the Taliban has broken the chains of slavery”, there are many things beyond that, but the question is whether any arrangement has been made here to end such mentality? It is also not allowed to write or speak openly on it, even today things are twisted and interpreted as if TTP is a very good organization, under the influence of this thinking, the terms good Taliban, bad Taliban kept going, now who can explain to them that the Statement of the Taliban should also be kept in mind that our agreement was with the Americans and not with the Pakistanis.
In the suicide attack on the Rally of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam in Bajaur, about 60 Pakistanis lost their lives and about 200 were injured. Just compare the tenure of this “pro-India” US puppet Ashraf Ghani government with the current two-year Taliban government and look at the game of death that is being played in the border areas of KP and Balochistan and which is now going to move forward. Our Prime Minister has even made a statement that I am offering talks again, if there is a nuclear conflict, there will be no one left to tell who we were.
Sir, it is better that instead of facing the East and taking out this anger, turn your face towards the West, where every day the oppressed and suffering innocent people are being bathed in blood through suicide attacks, your government is going to end in a few days.

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