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The rebel’s dream

by Bilal Ghauri
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Bilal Ghauri

Thus there is a world of decline and decline everywhere . Look at politics. Politics, which was once a profession of principles, has now become the hobby of abul fazls. Politics, which was once characterized by ideology, thinking and character, is now known in terms of beatings and opponents. Politics, which in the past was considered an effective strategy to solve national problems due to conscious maturity and foresight, is now considered penal due to laziness and immaturity. However, even in this period of decline, there are such prominent personalities who have performed the duty of leading the country and the nation irrespective of their caste, political party and all kinds of prejudices and increased the prestige of kucha politics. Javed Hashmi is at the top in this regard.
When he was tried for treason during the regime of military ruler General Pervez Musharraf and he was suffering from imprisonment in Adiala Jail, I used to go from Lahore to Rawalpindi to meet him in spite of adverse circumstances and difficulties. In the meantime, he was moving his book “Yes I am a Rebel” page on the Page of Qartas and consultations continued in this regard as well. A few days ago, when I spoke to him on the telephone, I reminded him of one of his dreams and told him that the dream he had dreamed behind bars about 20 years ago is now being made a reality. The image is disappearing. A new scenario is being created and the world is changing. If you look at Javed Hashmi’s dream on page 248 of his book “Yes I am a rebel” and then see the growing proximity with China and Russia in the context of Pakistan’s diplomatic and trade relations, then you will be surprised how high the flight of imagination of a male Qalandar who was imprisoned was.
I would like to give you just a small excerpt from his writing titled “My Dream” so that you can understand his insight and foresight. He writes, “I see that the sun of the new world is rising. This revolution will come in phases. In this transition period of the first phase, China and Muslim countries, South American countries and Africa are emerging as allies. Southwest Europe would prefer proximity to this alliance. Russia and Eastern Europe will also not be able to keep themselves indifferent for long. Israel, The United States and The United Kingdom will board a boat. The oppressed nations of the world will support each other. America’s shackles will become the soul of its own people.And there will be a wave of freedom within America. When I refer to freedom, I always mean the end of man’s supremacy over man, the destruction of the exploitative system, and the revival of the system of equal distribution of resources. Just as human freedom of thought does not accept the supremacy of the individual, the supremacy of the country alone is also not acceptable. I see the sun rising from the east, its rays sweeping my heart. ‘‘
In his second book , “Under the Shadow of Takhtadar“, Javed Hashmi wrote, “The occupied third world has now become another world. Now reconciliation is gaining importance instead of reconciliation. Pakistan, India, China and Taiwan are working together to build economic cooperation programs despite opposition. Walls of hate are falling. “Javed Hashmi’s dream is coming true. Celebrations are underway to mark the completion of 10 years of CPEC. With this, new investments are coming in. China has already started work on the Chashma 5 nuclear plant project, which will generate 1200 MW of electricity. Work on India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan gas pipeline project underway The long-standing rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran has ended, it is being said that if China can make friends between these two countries, then why can’t relations between Pakistan and India return to normal. Similarly, Pakistan’s relations with Russia are improving. It is not limited to the import of Russian oil, but the scope of possibilities is very wide. The world is really changing. But some dreams have become torment and are the soul of the democrats. Javed Hashmi’s dream of economic alignment in this region seems to be coming true, but the dream of civilian supremacy for which many Pakistanis, including him, have made countless sacrifices and endured all kinds of hardships, I am facing great disappointment and that dream seems to be shattered. May my fears be wrong and javed hashmi’s dream also becomes a reality very soon.

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