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When will the number nine bus come?

by hammad Ghaznavi
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Hammad Ghaznavi

Asadullah Khan Ghalib has created an unparalleled picture of perfect powerlessness in two verses, saying, “Ro mein hai Rakhsh Umar kahan dekho thame… I don’t have my hands on the garden.” Ghalib wrote this poem about a hundred years before the creation of Pakistan, but it seems as if it has been said on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of this country, the story of the powerlessness of millions of riders of this bayyal tosun, has not been able to do it in the rakab, the dust of the journey of disorientation, the dust of the journey of disorientation, the ringing foreheads, the frightened people, at the mercy of a snake unrest. Moving towards the end.
On paper, the source of power is the people, but in reality, ‘ne haath bagh par hai na paa hai rakab mein’. In 76 years, he has never been held in his hand, he has never been considered worthy of it. That they can decide their own direction, and even today the powerful are of the opinion about them that electricity and gas bills look good in the hands of the people, not the gardens of the country. This series of distrust of ordinary Pakistanis started with the creation of Pakistan. People have to be excluded from decision-making, because if the people get this right, their first decision will be against the powerful who have usurped the resources of crores of people. Only this simple agenda was set in 1947, that day and today, the elite of this country has taken the ordinary Pakistani out of the field of decision-making by showing him a red card.
This is the only reason why from day one, the powerful were irritated in the name of elections, because elections and successive elections ultimately give the people the power to make decisions about themselves. Why do you think martial law was imposed when it was finally decided to hold elections twelve years after the creation of Pakistan? Why was it considered necessary to defeat Fatima Jinnah at all costs by rigging the 1965 presidential election? And you and the powerful were allowed to break the country, but it was not acceptable to give the people the power to make decisions. There were obvious reasons for the imposition of four martial laws in the country, but the problem was the same. Till date, the results of all the elections held in the country were considered necessary to tamper with, and the reason for all these manipulations was the same.
Do not let the reins of this country go into the hands of the people, do not allow fair distribution of resources, no matter what happens. Think for a moment, above your prejudices, why it was necessary to put Nawaz Sharif in jail before the elections in 2018, because Nawaz Sharif was corrupt? We have seen this film, and this film has flopped, and we also know the origin of what it claims to be a ‘conditional new print’. There are also signs in the appointment of a caretaker prime minister. Considering this one decision, the whole thing is understood, we have not learned anything from our mistakes, but we believe in our mistakes. From ‘Father’ to ‘Son’, this house is always the sun. On this 14th Of August, we have once again made a ‘renewal pledge’, that is, we are not going to improve, that is, we have not left the reins of this horse, no matter what, the horse has become lame, the horse is out of the race, but will not give up its reins, do what has to be done.
One of the country’s two most popular leaders is in jail and the other in exile, so what can be expected from such a political system? Some friends thought that Nawaz Sharif’s opinion would have a key role in the appointment of the caretaker prime minister, he has also been ‘satisfied’, both parties were discharged as a result of the Kakar formula in 1993, the contours of the 2023 Kakar formula are almost the same. I’m coming. This lesson has been learned from Project Imran that no politician has been given heart, by touching the ears, the lover has been repented. So now the situation is such that Imran Khan is also not accepted and Nawaz Sharif is also unacceptable, that is, everyone is accepted but popular leaders do not want, because popularity starts bringing a worm club in the mind, and starts requesting that ‘the gardens should be caught in my hand’.
In such a situation, what can be expected from the elections? We have seen many elections, we have not been able to see the transfer of power, and the signs of this transfer are not yet seen far away. When will that crop come late, when will it come to know the number nine bus? ‘‘

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