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If there is no power, there is nothing!

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

We did not value freedom, we kept talking about verbal love, but in practice, different sections of us kept pouring the poison of corruption in its veins and thus left no stone unturned in its destruction, we lost half the country and now there is a party among us whose former Prime Minister Pakistan is trying to destroy Pakistan. Its workers first attacked military installations, desecrated martyrs’ memorials and then tried their best to give another color to the Celebrations of Pakistan Day on August 14, but their efforts were successful in one or two countries outside Pakistan.I have seen a video clip in which a PTI procession was protesting against Nawaz Sharif outside Mian Nawaz Sharif’s house in London with a half-Pakistan flag and all the people holding the party flag. The slogan was not heard, nor was there any joy on their faces regarding that day. In the same city, PML-N MPA Hina Pervaiz Butt was harassed in the presence of her son, bottles were thrown at her, filthy abuses were hurled at her, but this is not the first and only example of misbehaviour and vulgarity. A dirty move was made.
But on the other hand, when I saw the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of Pakistanis in Lahore, I felt that the pti’s heart would remain in the heart. Every street in Lahore was holding thousands of Pakistanis in their arms in connection with the celebration of Pakistan Day, people were shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ with motorcycles, cars and footsteps, enthusiastic faces. I have not seen a single PTI flag between them. On August 14, lahoreis gathered in such large numbers in a shopping mall wearing Pakistani flag clothes to their children that the administration had to limit the number of visitors. I also saw similar scenes on TV channels in different cities and thus the negative thinking party and its supporters had to eat their mouths.
Another thing that was seen after the arrest of Imran Khan is that his blind supporters do not see Pakistan breaking, but it is also their desire. These days, they see corruption in the army, 85 factories, surrendering to India and thousands of kinds of defects.But these defects are visible only when the establishment that brought this party to power did not come to their aid when a no-confidence motion was brought, which resulted in their loss of power. Army Chief Asim Munir is being “abused” these days. What are these people?
I rarely write political columns that this is not my department, so the present column is also apolitical that I see these people trying to take the country towards a great disaster, pakistanis living abroad are not worried about the destruction that they have left this country, if this conspiracy of internal and external enemies succeeds, which insha’a. If there is no Allah, then all things will have to be borne only by those who are living in this holy land with their wives, children, brothers and sisters and parents. Therefore, the PTI supporters in Pakistan should also think from this angle and those living abroad need to think about the fact that the two sons of the leader for whom they are protesting on the streets live somewhere in their neighborhood and are living a luxurious life without being exposed to this whole situation. These children did not even come to meet their father in jail, where will they come on the streets. However, he is remembering all the evils in Pakistan after losing power, he may not know that with this attitude of THE PTI, the destination of power is going too far with regard to the events of May 9 and beyond, he should not be under any illusion. A unique ghazal by Osman Jami
How did you get the destination, how the road was cut, what do you know, you were at home.
Whose world was lost, who died, what do you know, you were at home.
How were the families that were abandoned, the relationship that was broken from the land?
How the sixth, how the house was divided, what do you know, you were at home.
It’s not a story, it’s a story for us, it’s your war, we’ve won what we’ve won.
You said, what happened, what do you know, you were at home.
We’ve seen caravans painted with daggers, what do you know, where were you?
There was fire and smoke, there was punishment, what do you know, you were at home.
We were the characters of this destruction, we were the crucified, we were the head.
We made our own deal, what do you know, you were at home.

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