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What will people say!

by Syeda Sabeeha Nadeem
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syeda sabiha nadeem

Fear is the name of an emotion that overcomes us, we fail, and if we overcome fear, we are successful. The fear of people in most of us is so full that our every action is based on people’s opinions rather than Allah. We are living in a society where we are surrounded by concern for others more than ourselves, people have so much involvement in our lives that simple life has become the most difficult and we have given this authority to the persons ourselves. A rich brother helps his poor brother out of fear of people instead of Allah, what will people say if I don’t help him? The father of a girl does not take a relationship to the boy’s house out of fear of the people, remember that Hazrat Khadija had sent a message of marriage to him himself, no one’s daughter is getting married. If we look at the Sunnah of the Prophet (s), khadija (a) was married to him at the age of 40 when he was only 25 years old when he was only 25 years old. Instead of simplifying complex things, we have made simple things complicated, we impose people’s opinions on ourselves so much that we spoil our own affairs, as a result, failure becomes a part of our lives. Knowing that persons are not happy under any circumstances, we are engaged in making people happy. It is not wrong to take people’s opinion, but it is wrong to keep yourself mentally disturbed by imposing this opinion on yourself. What will people say? This phrase is a common phrase spoken in our society as if we have dominated ourselves so much that we are living a life of pretense rather than being realistic. We pretend so much that instead of being ashamed of our own mistakes, we fight our case as lawyers and despite being ashamed of the mistakes of others, we decide as judges. We have become so dependent on people mentally and unconsciously that our every action has been done not to please Allah but to please the people. In some cases, we need human support, and the wise man is the one who does not allow this temporary support to dominate himself unjustifiably. What will people say, this sentence has imprisoned man like a chain and snatched his dreams from his eyes and scattered them in chairs. Those who care about people’s thinking at the beginning of a work fail in their work due to this fear. This sentence affects the whole personality of a person and he becomes a victim of inferiority complex. Life comes once, and most of us spend our whole lives in fear of people and ungrateful it. People’s fear dominates our minds so much that we cannot even express our opinions openly. If we are always in fear of people, we will never be able to fulfill our dreams. The world’s biggest disease What will people say? In today’s time, we are trying to correct others by being wrong ourselves, how good it would be if we correct ourselves instead of folks. Why don’t we think of our Lord, not of people, before every action? Will our Lord be pleased with us by our deeds? It is said that deeds depend on intentions and who knows the intention of a person better than Allah.In life, only those people are successful, who form opinions about themselves instead of people and please this God. Because when Allah is pleased, man will be victorious in every field of life, the first purpose of our creation is to follow the command of our Lord and to worship Him and praise Him. Think for a moment! If our breath is taken away from us today, what will we take with us in the Hereafter? Remember, people are people, they will say nothing, they can neither improve our world nor the Hereafter. A person who lives his life openly without caring for people’s thinking and tests himself on the scale set by Allaah, Then Allah is pleased with him because his action is not for people but for Allah. There are many people in the world who have made a name for themselves by working hard and struggling, regardless of what people say. If your every action is to please Allah, then your heart will be satisfied with your actions and insha Allah all will be good. Now it is up to us whether we want to live on the opinion of the people or according to the command of Allah Almighty. Neither rise nor fall Just give me so much perfection. Mold me into your color That the time should give me an example.

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