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U.S. Cautions Iran Against Involvement in Israel’s Crisis

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General Charles Brown: Iran Should Adhere to Non-Interference Policy in Israeli Crisis

General Charles Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, issued a warning to Iran, cautioning against its involvement in Israel’s ongoing crisis. Speaking aboard a military aircraft, General Brown made it clear that he does not wish to see the situation escalate further. According to international news agencies, when asked about the message to Iran, General Brown stated, “We want Iran to pursue a policy of non-interference in this matter.” Speaking to a small group of journalists accompanying him on his travels, he emphasized the need to deliver a clear message. “We do not want this situation to escalate. The crucial point is for Iran to understand this,” he said.

This warning comes in the wake of suspicions raised by the United Nations mission in Tehran regarding Iran’s involvement in the turmoil following the Storm of Al-Aqsa operation, which accused Tehran of aiding the Palestinians in their claim that Iran had assisted in attacks on Israel. The Iranian mission at the United Nations had denied any involvement in the Storm of Al-Aqsa operation, emphasizing that Iran had no role in the actions taken.

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