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Saudi Crown Prince Affirms Support for Palestinian Rights Amid Israeli-Gaza Conflict

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman Holds Talks with Palestinian and Egyptian Leaders, Discusses Regional Security

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has strongly emphasized that his country stands with the Palestinian people in their quest for rights amid the recent escalation of the Al-Aqsa operation. According to international news agencies, during a phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Prince Mohammed discussed military developments in Gaza, regional security, and stability. He underscored that Saudi Arabia is firmly committed to the aspirations and demands of the Palestinian nation, as well as reaching a just and comprehensive peace.

In another call, Prince Mohammed bin Salman engaged with the President of Egypt, addressing the latest progress in the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflict, and the potential risks and challenges to the lives of citizens.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince stated his strong stance that Saudi Arabia is dedicated to the security and aspirations of the Palestinian people and seeks a fair and comprehensive peace that will adhere to international agreements. This vision revolves around achieving a comprehensive and equitable solution based on the United Nations resolutions. Saudi Arabia and Egypt have also agreed to sustain consultations to address the situation regarding Palestine, consistent with the principles outlined by international accords.

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