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The journey continues

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar barlas

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column on Japanese police and VIP culture, which received comments from all over the world. There were two aspects of happiness for me, one was that Urdu readers live in almost every country of the world, the second favorite thing was that most Pakistanis living in the outside world are worried about their beloved country. One of the comments was by television’s renowned drama producer Sajjad Ahmed. Sajjad Ahmed writes, “In 1994, I presented the drama serial Dhuan from quetta center of state TV. The purpose of the play was to encourage the police force. Many police officers took the drama positively and took some decisions to improve the police so that the police look like a protector of the people.” There is no doubt that Sajjad Ahmed’s play was very spectacular. But there is no denying the fact that times have changed, but our police have not changed, but in recent months, such heinous incidents of police have come to light which are a reflection of horror and human rights violations. For some days, some videos of some “Sher Jawan” of Punjab Police have been adorned on social media, in these videos, the policemen are seen shouting somewhere, somewhere the abuses speak from their actions, on this IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar from Rahim Yar Khan should be given “praise”. He called a policeman mad to cover up the facts, what will Dr Usman Anwar do to the rest of the personnel? He should play the lead role in a play, but I would request my great friend Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar to write a memorable role for Dr. Usman Anwar because I am very impressed with his acting. How can I compare my police with the Japanese police in the world of reality, out of drama, that Japan is number one in the world in honesty, whereas in my country honesty is neither seen by binoculars nor by microscopes. There has been no theft in Japan for the last 32 years, it is the highest role of the Japanese, but in our country, the police support the crime, the criminals become the companions of the policemen, the police stand with the oppressors and oppress the oppressed. In Japan, no one has been murdered for 30 years, but we have many blind murders, many murders are muddied, some are diverted from investigation. In our case, in whichever police station is killed, the policemen become silver. Sometimes the murderer is distributed money, sometimes the heirs of the deceased are forced to pay a bribe. The prominent role of a large political family in the practice of fake police encounters is part of the past. Police officers who carried out extrajudicial killings at the behest of the family were promoted, imposed on high political posts after retirement. The pain of Punjab in this regard is very deep. Thirty-five years ago in Punjab, stray boys were recruited as AsIs on political grounds, who soon progressed to become DPOs and some even succeeded in becoming DIGs. Similarly, many incompetent people were recruited naib tehsildars on political grounds, they also took the leap of development and reached the DC and commissioner, they practiced corruption in the country. Political families who sow such crops were repeatedly given certificates of parsai even though they looted the country mercilessly. Perhaps that is why our country comes at number 160 in honesty. No one sleeps hungry in Japan, but in our country, people become the sustenance of suicides to satisfy hunger. The rulers here have ruined the country. How many loans have been taken away in Pakistan, there is no account. What can happen in a country where new laws are made for looters? In a country where those charged with money laundering are made prime ministers, who should weep in front of? What can happen where representatives of institutions appear in courts and prove the innocence of criminals? The recently concluded 16-month government increased the debt burden on the country, the inflation increased so much that the people got out of the misery. Inflation, mismanagement and bad governance are still going on. I don’t know when the journey of inflation, unemployment and poverty will end. I don’t even know when the journey of oppression, injustice, apathy and horror will end. Munir Niazi remembers facing another river, Munir, I landed across a river and I saw

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