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A column with a heavy heart

by Atta Qasmi
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Atta Ul haq Qasmi

My friends and acquaintances include people from every ‘Qamash’. Among them are poets, storytellers, musicians, teachers, but also “very teachers”, scholars, politicians, and rulers. There are dervishes, ayars, zahids, doctors, patients, so the whole variety is there, these friends are spread at home and abroad, besides them there are Facebook friends, none of them have a “face value”, I live among these friends all the time. Afzal Humble is a dervish man, a lyricist, a musician, a columnist, he has written many songs for Ataullah Isa Khelvi, he has also composed the lyrics of some, today he has sent a very meaningful message on my wall which is like this. have been India’s economic development and superiority over Pakistan in other areas is beyond doubt, we can be ashamed of it and even make a world, but now the situation is different, PTI ‘cheetahs’ are indirectly busy reading stories of India these days. They do not sound like a friend but like an enemy on Pakistan, abroad the “Pakistani” All Youth also took down the Pakistani flag and made it cry under the feet, if they find a Pakistani on the head, whether it is a man or a respected woman, it is not related to the political ideology of the young man, then they end the misbehaviour, misbehaviour is the culture of this party, it is millions of millions of millions. With the votes, the people shout at the elected politicians, standing outside their houses and abusing them and they have learned all this from their leader. These are the people.Those who attacked, set fire, looted military installations in GHQ, Corps Commander House, Kent and other cities on May 9, they also attacked the memorials of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us. And all this has happened after the establishment refused to further support the government formed by them, first they and their leaders used to read the stories of General Bajwa and also extended the tenure of this person in recognition of his services. And his wife was harassed . This story does not end here, but since then these people have been attacking the Pakistani army. Surrendering to India is an unforgettable tragedy, apart from this tragedy, the corruption of some generals is also being made public and all such other activities are being repeated. Which creates hatred for the army in the hearts of the people. The height of this hatred was seen on May 9, when military installations and martyrs’ memorials were demolished, I only object to why you suddenly remember all these things. Different sections of the nation have been presenting their point of view as a Pakistani for a long time. Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa even wrote a full documentary book on this subject, but as long as the establishment carried you on the shoulders, Imran Khan kept reading its stories, but when it was not possible to bear this burden, then in your eyes, this beloved villain of yours became a villain, not only this, but if today or any other occasion, the establishment will fulfill your leader’s passion for power. If you think, you will become his guardian again. I will not say that the trial is a condition because this trial will put the nation to a big test once again. I am not at all happy to write this column, but when a Pakistani removes the flag of Pakistan from a Pakistani embassy and puts the FLAG of PTI there, tears the Pakistani passport and throws it in the dustbin and the LEADERSHIP of PTI, even its supporters do not condemn it, then it cannot be kept silent. In the end I will only say that God guide them. Pti’s favorites living in Europe and America have settled their own world apart from us, if God forbid Pakistan is harmed, then those who love their land will come under attack, nothing will happen to them, perhaps that is why India cancels the passports of those who leave the country and thus they have to come to India with visas.

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