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The Green Revolution will come now!

by Hina Pervaiz Butt
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Hina pervaiz butt

Today, the bottle that has been put back in the bottle, he thought that the whole of Pakistan would come out, while not a single address was shaken, the roads remained open, there was no demonstration, because the people have known who left the dollar open and snatched the ability to build their house from the poor? Who snatched milk, rice, sugar, cheap bread from them, who kept organizing his own mockery in political, social and economic circles every morning and evening? Above is the person who becomes the source of employment for the creation of God, when Mian Shahbaz Sharif took over the government, investment and stock exchanges were taken over. Now the investors know that the head of the State Bank is not imported, they believe that all the policies are being made in such a way that the businessmen will get satisfaction? In the end, there will be a calming moment for them, Shahbaz Sharif has not tarnished anyone’s personality nor recruited social media workers to kill the opponents at the expense of the government, the servants of the opponents are automatically bent on opening the branches of corruption of their own colleagues. He continued to play drums, wrote the inscriptions of the politics of every slave Sharif, the Muslim Leagues faced judicial incompetence, suffered the troubles of imprisonment and imprisonment.
Faced with the longest cases, but it is possible that one of his colleagues has accepted the offer to become an approver, those who put their placards on Nawaz Sharif’s projects started crying as soon as their government left. Claiming that he either left the country or politics, even today what businessmen, are the people saying that if Nawaz Sharif returns home, the country will go back on the road of development, business tycoons say that whenever Nawaz Sharif took over the power, there would be a wave of satisfaction among domestic and foreign investors, investors believe that when Mian Nawaz Sharif returns home once again. If they come, the business will get stability, there will be no blackmail, NAB will not be able to call anyone. Business places will not be raided without any reason, appointments of Commissioner Deputy Commissioners will not be done by taking bribes, electricity has become expensive, bills are coming very high, but the time will definitely come that business activities in the country will not go down, sex and drug business will not be on the rise, TV radio newspapers will not get disappointing news on social media, families will not break from the blow of inflation, no woman 30,000 will not commit suicide if the electricity bill comes, no one will commit robbery if they do not get employment, no one will offer to sell their children by bubbling with inflation, no one will want to get a job at the cost of her honor, will not be misled by false figures, no one will spread false dreams of development by leaving the dollar open, no one will spread false dreams of development by making a wrong plan. There will be no shortage, no one will send a bill of Rs 2192 for 17 units, a welcome news that the project being started in the name of corporate farming culture will bring green revolution in the country, it will be very easy to meet the agricultural needs of the country.

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