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The future of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is in danger.

by Ahmad Raza Kharal
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Ahmad Raza Kharal

Until last week, no one could even think of asking this question. The enthusiasm of Chairman PTI and Tehreek-e-Insaf workers was so high that it seemed that this was the political party that would challenge the powerful ruler of Pakistan and Imran Khan would become the most influential ruler of Pakistan.
Today, a week later, the situation is telling a different story. Only the events of May 9 are being said to be decisive in general. But not only May 9, there are many other incidents where it can be said that Imran Khan has axed himself. Imran Khan should have considered his own statements. One thing was clear from the constant calling of opponents as thieves and thieves that this person is making accusations against others and there is definitely something wrong in it. On the second front, Imran Khan targeted his benefactors, Muqtadara. Either you are a liar or you are true, but opening up too much has not helped either way.
It is a matter of fact that the one who creates also knows how to spoil. When you show your eyes to your benefactor, be prepared to suffer the consequences.
Now the perspective of Imran Khan and his supporters may be different, they consider protest as their right. It is a right to protest, but it is not a right to recognize the damage to the property in any way. The accusations against Imran Khan are not new. In the past, politicians have been accused like this or even more, but their protests have not been so violent. In the past, Nawaz Sharif was arrested more than once, Benazir Bhutto was arrested, Asif Zardari remained in jail. They faced cases against them in the courts but did not become violent in this way.
What happened on May 9, this kind of behavior started since Imran Khan stayed in Zaman Park. By forming a jatha, the canal road had been occupied in a way. Even the peace of the residents in Zaman Park had been destroyed. Whenever I mentioned this complaint, it was said that this happens all the time, people also have to make sacrifices for a great cause.
The aim was that Imran Khan would lead to real democracy. But Khan sat himself on the platform of leadership where he was called Murshid by his followers. Questioning them became more and more difficult and anyone who questioned them would be sat down. Thus, Imran Khan Murshid was now far ahead of the rest of the party workers. When one makes himself so high, it is natural to have problems. Especially when the workers form groups on the signals of their leaders.
The behavior of these groups came to light when the staff of NAB or law enforcement agencies came to serve a notice, then the staff would be threatened. As these events progressed, they got even more encouragement. It should have happened that Imran Khan should have explained to his workers and advised them to refrain from such activities.
Even on the most unpleasant incidents that took place after Imran Khan’s arrest on May 9, Imran Khan limited himself by saying that if this happened to me, then people would react.
Khan had forgotten that every action has a reaction. The chain does not stop. By the way, Khan Sahib himself is a total intellectual, so it is not easy to explain to him.

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