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Sikh Referendum: Sikhs in Vancouver Set New Voting Record

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In a referendum overseen by Sikh Justice, nearly 130,000 Sikhs in Vancouver cast their votes. Indian TV
Vancouver, Canada (Special Correspondent): In a closely monitored referendum held under the oversight of Sikh Justice, approximately 130,000 Sikhs in Vancouver have set a new voting record. According to reports from Indian television, thousands of Sikh men and women gathered on the streets of Vancouver to participate in the referendum against India.
Voting for the referendum, overseen by the Punjab Referendum Commission, commenced at 9 AM and continued until 5 PM. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, thousands of individuals waiting in line at train stations were unable to cast their votes. Subsequently, the Sikh For Justice Movement and the Punjab Referendum Commission announced a second referendum on October 29th.
Addressing the Sikh gathering, the founder of Sikh For Justice and prominent Sikh leader, Sardar Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, stated that India is involved in ethnic cleansing and war crimes against Sikhs. He asserted that Sikhs would never forgive India and accused India’s secret agencies and diplomats of being complicit in the assassination of their brother, Navjot Singh Sidhu. Pannun emphasized their commitment to the Sikh Freedom Movement, stating that they would dismantle India piece by piece and that no Sikh would ever accept India’s sovereignty or Hindutva ideology.
Gurpatwant Singh Pannun declared their resolve to continue the Sikh Freedom Movement through legal means, emphasizing that the massive Sikh turnout in the referendum proves their desire for an independent Khalistan.

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