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Breaking the Silence: Addressing the Scourge of Domestic Violence

by Humira Mirza
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humaira mirza

Domestic abuse is a horrifying and ubiquitous problem that knows no limits in terms of location, culture, or social level. It involves the abuse of the body, mind, emotions, and finances within the walls of the house, which is a violation of fundamental human rights. This piece of work attempts to explore the complicated and upsetting subject of domestic violence, illuminating its many manifestations, underlying causes, and the pressing need for societal change to address the problem.

“From every wound comes a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived” (FR. CRAIG SCOTT)

Any type of violent behavior committed by one person against another within a close or family connection is considered domestic violence. Physical aggression, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual assault, financial control, or coercive manipulations are all examples of how this could manifest. The victims, who are mainly women, endure trauma that can have serious effects on their mental, emotional, and physical health.

There are several different types of domestic violence, including physical abuse, which involves harming one’s body by beating, slapping, punching, or inflicting other types of bodily harm to gain control. Emotional and psychological abuse includes pressure, verbal abuse, threats, seclusion, and degrading behavior to undermine the victim’s autonomy and self-worth. On the same page, sexual abuse includes coercion or forcing someone to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior, non-consensual behaviors, or derogatory behavior towards their sexuality. Controlling funds, keeping the victim from working, or limiting access to resources are all examples of economic abuse used to keep the victim dependent and in control.

To create successful preventative and intervention programs, it is essential to understand the causes of domestic violence. Domestic violence is fundamentally an issue of control and power. Abusers try to control and sway their victims, which feeds the cycle of violence. Gender inequality and ingrained patriarchal standards are factors in the persistence of domestic violence. This loop is fueled by societies that oppress women and maintain male dominance. Children who grow up in homes where domestic violence is prevalent are more likely to repeat these behaviors as adults, continuing the cycle. People who have untreated mental health difficulties or problems with drugs or alcohol may use violence as a release for their frustrations and challenges.

A culture of zero tolerance for abuse may be fostered by addressing domestic violence through community education programs that attempt to expose misconceptions, confront prejudices, and promote healthy relationship dynamics. It is essential to provide survivors with the tools, encouragement, and safe spaces they need to start again and reclaim their independence. Enforcing strict rules and ensuring quick punishment for offenders can serve as a deterrent and offer survivors safety. To end the cycle of violence and address essential mental health issues, counseling and rehabilitation services must be made available to both victims and offenders. Dismantling the social norms that support domestic violence will be made possible by promoting gender equality, compassion, and respect in all facets of society.

Last but not least, domestic violence affects millions of people globally and is an appalling violation of their human rights. To eliminate the deeply rooted social structures and attitudes that permit such abuse to continue, we must work together. We can build a society where everyone can live free from the grip of domestic abuse by developing empathy, encouraging education, and holding offenders accountable.

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Sikandar September 16, 2023 - 10:51 am

Good work


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