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Sardar Atiq Condemns Ongoing State Terrorism in Kashmir

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Calls for International Intervention to Halt Human Rights Violations and Atrocities

President of the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and former Prime Minister Sardar Atiq Ahmad Khan, while expressing grave concern over the martyrdom of 13 Kashmiris in the month of September in the continuous operations of state terrorism by the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir, said that the Indian Army has subjected innocent Kashmiris to various fake encounters and so-called search operations. At present, the Kashmir Hurriyat leadership is locked up in houses and jails, the Indian government has turned the occupied Kashmir into a prison, every day, the martyrdom of young Kashmiris, raids on houses, and rape of women have become a norm, Kashmiri students are being killed in fake contests. Despite all these Indian ambitions and tactics, the resistance movement is continuing and expanding. He expressed these views while talking to the Muslim Conference workers in Bagh. He said that the Indian government made the lives of Kashmiris a torment in occupied Kashmir. It has kept and violated the basic human rights and is killing Kashmiris on a daily basis. The Modi government has deprived the Kashmiri prisoners of basic rights and facilities. Detainees have been kept in jails beyond their capacity. He said that the situation in Occupied Kashmir is very disturbing and serious at the moment, where the 9 lakh Indian army has increased human rights violations immensely, with the actions of the Modi government. Expansionist ambitions and efforts to change the current status of Jammu and Kashmir and to make life difficult for Muslims in India are ongoing. He said that at this time the international community should take notice of the serious situation in Occupied Kashmir and play a role in stopping Indian atrocities.

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