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Punjab Health Department on High Alert for Nipah Virus

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Guidelines and Precautions to Prevent the Spread of the Deadly Nipah Virus

The danger of another dangerous virus spreading across Punjab started to loom, and the Punjab Health Department issued a high alert in view of the possible danger and spread of the virus called Nipah. The early symptoms of this virus spreading in neighboring countries include cough, difficulty breathing, high fever, tremors, and deterioration of mental conditions. In the guidelines issued by the Department of Health Punjab to prevent the spread of the virus called Nipah, it is said that this virus spreads very quickly from animals to humans and from one person to another. According to the guidelines, there is no vaccine for this dangerous virus, so timely diagnosis and treatment are possible. Early research found the virus in other animals, including bats and pigs, and from there it was transmitted to humans. According to the post at the health department, the virus can be transmitted by bats eating the fruit on the tree and later if a human eats the same fruit. So wash and eat all urban fruits thoroughly. It has also been said that if any person has these symptoms, go to the nearest hospital immediately. If not treated in time, the patient may go into a coma in 3 to 4 days, and the mortality rate of this virus is 74%. Orders have also been issued to send the samples to the laboratory for PCR for timely investigation.

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