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Pakistan supports Palestine during ongoing Israeli aggression crisis

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Pakistan’s Unwavering Commitment to Palestinian Statehood Amidst Ongoing Israeli Aggression

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi reaffirmed Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to advocating for pre-1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, to be established as part of a free Palestinian state. Pakistan’s stance on the Israel-Palestine issue remains resolute, with strong condemnation of Israel’s alleged ethnic cleansing and treatment of Palestinians, particularly in Gaza.

Minister Qureshi emphasized the importance of Israel’s compliance with international agreements concerning Palestine. Pakistan is fully prepared to offer immediate humanitarian aid to Palestine, despite Israel’s hindrances in allowing aid to reach the Palestinian territories. Ongoing discussions with Egyptian authorities aim to address this humanitarian crisis.

Additionally, the Foreign Minister announced his participation in the International Cooperation Forum (ICF) on October 18 in Jeddah, where the theme, “Connectivity in a Global Open Economy,” will be underscored.

Further discussions centered on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China, focusing on bolstering bilateral cooperation between the two nations. The agenda includes meetings with Chinese leadership, business forums, and the signing of several memoranda of understanding, with the aim of strengthening collaboration in various fields, including green energy and space technology.

Foreign Minister Qureshi’s upcoming visit to the Shandong Autonomous Region aims to enhance relations with China. He will address Shandong University, meet business leaders, and offer Friday prayers at a historic mosque in Shandong, underscoring Pakistan’s commitment to the relationship.

The Foreign Minister also highlighted Pakistan’s participation in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Executive Committee meeting, emphasizing the significance of Pakistan’s unwavering support for Palestinian rights and condemnation of Israel’s actions.

Pakistan has consistently condemned Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine for the past seven decades and stressed the importance of Israel vacating occupied Palestinian territories while respecting United Nations resolutions. Pakistan firmly opposes Israel’s aggressive actions concerning Palestinian areas, advocating for the Palestinian right to self-determination.

The Government of Pakistan is actively engaging with international organizations, including the United Nations, to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, which is under siege. Pakistan will bring this issue to the upcoming OIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, further demonstrating its commitment to assisting Palestinian brothers in Gaza and working with neighboring countries for humanitarian aid.

The discussions also encompassed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), highlighting the successful economic cooperation between Pakistan and China. The completion of the first phase of CPEC and ongoing efforts in the second phase, including upgrades in the railway sector, science and technology collaboration, industrial zones, and agriculture, were confirmed.

Foreign Minister Qureshi reassured us that there is no delay in CPEC projects. They are committed to ensuring the timely completion of CPEC initiatives.

In response to a question about Afghanistan, it was noted that Pakistan maintains strong and historical relations with Afghanistan, including providing aid to earthquake victims. Afghanistan’s internal needs are reportedly met. Pakistan’s economic and trade cooperation with Afghanistan continues to grow.

The Foreign Minister discussed his meeting with the Afghan Foreign Minister in Tibet, highlighting the absence of negative implications. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s close relations were acknowledged, with collaboration in various aspects, including economics, defense, and investments.

Regarding the Palestinian issue and the two-state solution, it was emphasized that all Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states unanimously support the two-state solution, with Pakistan playing a crucial role within the OIC.

As for recent developments, the international community’s concerns about India’s involvement in killings and looting in several countries were discussed, raising alarms not only in Pakistan but also among regional countries and for international peace.

In summary, Pakistan remains dedicated to supporting Palestinian statehood and providing humanitarian aid in the face of ongoing Israeli aggression. The country is actively engaged in diplomatic efforts and international forums to address these issues.

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