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Meta Shuts Down Facebook Page with One Million Followers of Palestinian News

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Meta, the parent company of various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has terminated the Facebook page of the Palestinian news platform “Quds News Network,” which had a million followers. This action was taken in response to a request from the Israeli government. Quds News Network expressed strong condemnation of Meta’s decision.

In a statement released by Quds News Network on the social media platform X, it was emphasized that Meta’s actions align with the Israeli government’s agenda of suppressing freedom of expression, silencing voices, and censoring Palestinian content. This move by Meta came despite Quds News Network adhering to media standards during the early days of Israeli aggression against Gaza. Despite this, posts related to Palestine were systematically removed, and warnings and restrictions were imposed on Palestinian pages, including those in Arabic and English.

Quds News Network stated that the removal of its pages is a clear indication of Meta’s alignment with the demands of the Israeli government. The move suppresses freedom, restricts the right to express opinions, and obstructs Palestinian voices from reaching the global audience. The news agency expressed its rejection of compelling narratives, the perpetuation of bias, and the targeting of Palestinian rights.

The official statement from Quds News Network further conveyed that they stand against the use of force, rampant discrimination, and the Israeli occupation. They mentioned that their posts have consistently advocated for human rights and the Palestinian cause, upholding principles of free speech and expression. The network called on Palestinians to raise their voices and convey their message through all available platforms and tools.

Quds News Network’s statement underscored their commitment to resisting coercion, endorsing freedom, and supporting the rights of Palestinians. They highlighted their mission to expose violations, encourage freedom of expression, and empower the Palestinian people to amplify their voices and reach a global audience through media.

The news agency stressed that they reject attempts to control, perpetuate bias, and silence Palestinian voices. They expressed their dedication to the cause of Palestinians and the promotion of human rights through media channels.

This action by Meta has raised concerns about freedom of expression, bias, and the role of social media platforms in promoting diverse voices and viewpoints.

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