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NAB Chairman Retired Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Vows Stern Action Against Crop Swindlers

NAB Will Intensify Crackdown on Those Defrauding People Through Agricultural Schemes, Ensuring Justice for All Social Strata

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NAB Chairman, Retired Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed, has stated that strict measures will be taken against individuals involved in defrauding people through agricultural schemes. He emphasized that the perception of leniency towards NAB is somewhat accurate to some extent, as no single person or institution can completely rid the country of corruption. To combat misdeeds effectively, all segments of society must play a role in eradicating misconduct.
Speaking at an event in Lahore related to the eradication of corruption, Chairman NAB highlighted that affected members of housing societies are recovering embezzled funds. Shockingly, seven out of ten individuals have fallen prey to fraudulent housing schemes. NAB’s aim is to prevent any further exploitation and take stringent action against those involved in crop swindling.
He reaffirmed that the return of the affected individuals’ money and properties remains NAB’s core philosophy. Despite progress, there’s still a long way to go, and many affected individuals patiently await justice. He acknowledged the delay in the process, expressing the necessity for quicker action.
Chairman NAB mentioned that awareness campaigns among university students play a pivotal role. Engaging the public in such awareness initiatives is essential to combat misconduct. He emphasized the importance of creating awareness among the youth, as they could become ambassadors for NAB.
Regarding NAB’s image, he admitted that the perception of leniency holds some truth. Efforts are underway to diminish the fear and intimidation associated with NAB. He stressed the need to avoid stigmatizing individuals as criminals and instead adopt a more responsive approach.
NAB, he said, is meant to be a guardian and aide, aiming to transform into a professional institution. With the development of NAB laws, their responsibilities have increased. He expressed hope to resolve pending cases promptly and secure investors’ funds and rights.
His message underscored the need for collective action by all stakeholders to eliminate corruption, ensure the protection of investments and rights, and advocate for informed decisions among the public to prevent falling victim to fraudulent practices.

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