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Measures to Control Inflation

by khalid waseem Advocate
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khalid waseem advocate

The rising prices of electricity bills and petrol have led to a public outcry and increased pressure on the government to roll back the price hikes. This has also intensified the crackdown on corruption within government departments and active smuggling networks.

In the wake of increasing inflation, various government officials are now under scrutiny and their activities are being closely monitored. The media plays a vital role in informing the public about these efforts. While the Pakistani Rupee has improved in value against the US Dollar, its benefits have not yet trickled down to the common people.

The question arises: Why weren’t these actions taken earlier if they could potentially help control inflation? It has become a common practice in our nation to delay addressing issues until they reach their breaking point. Our bureaucrats and officials often turn a blind eye to problems and remain passive observers. Even when certain departments are responsible for specific issues, they often fail to take proactive measures to address them.

For instance, when it comes to electricity theft, could it have been possible for individuals to engage in such theft without the collusion of employees within the electricity department? According to the Minister for Energy, the recovery of 16 billion rupees from electricity thieves was only possible due to a month’s worth of dedicated efforts. Now that government departments are more active, illegal means of consuming electricity have been curbed.

Surprisingly, these actions were not taken earlier than they could have been. The agency responsible for preventing the misuse of electricity should have stopped such activities long ago. Those responsible for curbing electricity theft, rather than facilitating it, should have been vigilant in fulfilling their duty. The real culprits are the officials who were involved in electricity theft and filled their pockets through illegal means. Unfortunately, no one seems to be paying attention to them.

According to the Minister of Interior, smuggling is taking place not on camels but through trucks. Those who are responsible for stopping smuggling activities must now take action. When the Chief of Army Staff ordered security agencies to crack down on smuggling, it was also necessary to issue warnings to other department heads to be vigilant. However, it seems that all agencies are not actively involved in curbing smuggling, which is why we are not seeing a reduction in the prices of essential commodities such as wheat, rice, sugar, and more.

Incidents of bus fires due to overloading are happening daily on Karachi’s Hub Road. It is evident that these accidents occur during the illegal transfer of Iranian petrol in Karachi. However, there is room for action against those involved.

In the interest of the nation’s progress and prosperity, these commendable actions need to be carried forward. The suppression of individuals involved in hoarding and corruption is essential. If these measures are implemented sincerely, it may help to curb the inflationary demons that have been bottled up.

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