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Allah’s Case: But Until When?

by Hina Pervaiz Butt
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Hina pervaiz butt

When you write “Section 302” on the root of a tree, it not only withers and dies but also prevents any nearby plant from thriving. Similarly, over the years, the roots of elected political governments, along with several horrific incidents, including Section 302, have been deeply intertwined. The past witnessed only print media, later followed by television, and now even social media is tightly controlled.

The public has seen how, time and again, our flourishing trees in Pakistan have had “Section 302” not just written on them but have also been subjected to dangerous conspiracies. Corruption has been injected into their roots like a venomous potion, and forcefully, they have taken hold of the fertile soil and the water resources that could have made them fruitful. Shahi Qila has turned into Adiala Jail, Adiala has turned into Central Jail, and the story short is that every prison always ends up with politicians. Why is this so?

Ten years ago, the slogan “All politicians are thieves” was coined to launch new faces into politics. This was popularized on social media, with a specific agenda. It was systematically nurtured, firmly established, and carefully propagated. In their duties, there was a mandate to cultivate hatred against politicians in various constituencies and read specific verses in these areas. Ethics, societal norms, rules, and regulations, and even the Constitution and law have all been violated, but no matching example is found. The lush gardens of Pakistan were displayed to the Pakistani diaspora, while deceitfully, wicked designs were being hatched.

Unrelenting attacks have been made, with the economic situation of Pakistan sinking before our eyes. Diplomatic relations were treated like children’s play, with alarming injuries. Corruption in various forms has wreaked havoc on society to an extent that it might take centuries to mend. A new class has been created within different factions of society, and they have willingly accepted the leader’s every statement with blind obedience. It appears as though their brains have been fitted with a controlling chip since May 9th.

The question arises, if America armed those individuals in Afghanistan who later became terrorists, how come, despite being a superpower, they couldn’t control them? Similarly, the propaganda initiated on the social media platform ten years ago, referred to as the “Paneeri Youth,” has taken deep roots, so which spray will be effective now to neutralize its poisonous effects?

On October 21st, Mian Nawaz Sharif is returning. Efforts are underway from all sides to revive Chaudhry Shujaat Ali’s famous “Get Up” formula in new packaging. This has been systematically managed, and it has been promoted methodically. They have followed a set routine, which includes spreading hatred against politicians and reciting specific verses in targeted constituencies.

In the past ten years, ethical, societal, and legal standards have deteriorated significantly, to the extent that our soil is now infested with harmful insects, parasites, viruses, and bacteria that have crossed all red lines. The public is vocally questioning how long the “Paneeri” formula will continue to be used. How long will the country’s economy be shattered, and the nation’s wealth be doled out to national criminals under the guise of development packages? The people are demanding to know who will rid us of the poison of this looting. Is there a guarantee that similar experiments won’t occur in the future?

If control is not exercised, why are poisonous snakes and scorpions let loose?

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