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Long live Pak-China friendship

by Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan
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Rana Ijaz Hussain Chohan
China's Vice Premier He Lifeng is on a three-day visit to Pakistan. The Chinese Vice Premier will attend the 10th anniversary celebrations of CPEC as the chief guest, and will also sign agreements on various projects during his visit to Pakistan. The CPEC project was founded in 2013 and in November 2016, part of the mega project started functioning. While Pakistan-China friendship began on May 21, 1951, Pakistan was the first country in the Muslim world to recognize China. Pakistan-China friendship is said to be higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the sea and sweeter than honey. The relations between the two close and neighboring countries have become an example in the history of Prosperity, who have always stood by each other in every good and bad time and have always supported each other in every forum regional and international. In the journey of diplomatic relations, the two nations have fully agreed with each other's thinking, which has deepened relations.And people-to-people harmony between the two countries has increased and relations have been strengthened. Pakistan-China relations are based on strategic partnership, close cooperation in defense, economy, education, medical, social, business, science, arts and various other fields is touching new heights. With the completion of the Ongoing Pak-China Economic Corridor project with the support of brotherly friendly country China, Pakistan will not only be economically strong and prosperous, but this corridor will also be a strong defense line of Pakistan.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a harbinger of prosperity not only for Pakistan but for many countries. Global economists estimate that the project will benefit about three billion people in China, South Asia and Central Asia. While the construction of specific trade corridors between Pakistan and China through this project will benefit almost half of the population of the Continent of Asia from the positive impact of this project. In this context, the Economic Corridor Agreement is the most important agreement in the history of economic cooperation between Pakistan and China, after the launch of this project, the destination of Pakistan’s economic prosperity is not far away. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a development programme connecting gwadar port in southern Pakistan with China’s northwest Xinjiang region through highways, railways and pipelines.
The top leadership of China and Pakistan are taking personal interest in the completion of this project, so the progress on this project is going on rapidly. After the completion of this project, trade between China, Middle East and African countries will start through Pakistan and the Economic Corridor will become the main gateway for the trade of these countries. In particular, oil from the Middle East will start landing at the Port of Gwadar because the Port of Gwadar is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf. While the delivery of this oil will be possible to China through Pakistan’s Balochistan province. In this way, Pakistan will also get a permanent opportunity for huge foreign exchange as a global corridor in addition to getting employment resources. Global analysts believe that the CPEC Economic Corridor project will open the closed doors of regional trade and investment in Asia and all the surrounding countries will get economic benefits and thus create the world’s largest market, which will prove to be the basis of regional stability and prosperity.
Pakistan wants to present its borders as the shortest access and interim corridor for Kashgar’s products, in this regard, gwadar port will be an additional gateway in addition to the port of Karachi Port Qasim. It is heartening to note that China is creating the Kashgar Special Economic Zone in its western region, which will connect China with Central Asia on the western side and south Asia in the south. China has planned to build several mega projects in Gwadar, which will prove to be extremely beneficial for both countries. China wants to make Gwadar a central port for Pakistan, Iran, central Asian states and itself. That is why China has planned various projects for the early settlement of Gwadar.
These projects include several projects to generate electricity from coal, sun and wind. China wants to repeat the model of Shanghai Free Trade Zone in Gwadar, China initially tested the Shanghai Free Trade Zone within China to test its economic and social reforms, which proved to be very successful for China’s economic development. Shanghai Free Trade Zone provided a number of concessions and facilities for various industrial and commercial sectors.Foreign investors were exempted from the condition of investing 15% within three months. It is expected that after the formation of special economic zone, free trade zone and export processing zone, gwadar will generate innumerable resources for pakistan’s skilled and unskilled manpower, which will significantly improve the lifestyle of the people here. Of course, China has maintained its friendship with Pakistan in the best possible way. It has sincerely helped Pakistan to provide technology, arms and investment and come out of various crises. That is why it is said about Pak-China friendship that no season or time could reduce it, rather this friendship is sweeter than honey high from the deep Himalayas from the sea and now more durable and stronger than steel after the CPEC project.

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