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Israeli Prime Minister Threatens Hamas, Calls for Evacuation of Gaza

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Netanyahu Warns of Prolonged and Difficult War, Declares Emergency across Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Hamas, urging Palestinians to evacuate Gaza. According to Israeli reports, Netanyahu stated that Israel will retaliate against Hamas with full force. He emphasized that this war will be protracted and challenging, and he urged Palestinians to vacate Gaza.

Netanyahu declared a state of emergency throughout Israel, highlighting that the week had been unlike any other in the country’s history. Israelis have faced exceptionally difficult days, and efforts will be made to ensure such occurrences do not happen again.

The Israeli Prime Minister acknowledged that accepting defeat would not be easy but reaffirmed his determination to retaliate and win the war. He stated that Hamas would be held responsible for the safety of Israeli citizens, and any harm done to them would be met with consequences.

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