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India tops in religious extremism and violence against minorities

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International Day of Solidarity with Victims of Religious Violence is being observed across the world today. India is at the forefront of religious extremism and violence against minorities. Since independence, more than 500,000 Muslims have been martyred in 93,647 anti-Muslim incidents. Thousands of Muslims were martyred during the riots in Bihar in 1989, Gujarat in 2002 and Delhi in 2020. Hate crimes against Christians also crossed 400 in the first six months of this year. Thousands of Christians have been killed by extremist Hindus in Gujarat in 1998, Odisha in 2008 and the recent Manipur riots. According to NBC News, crimes against Dalits increased by 66 per cent after Modi came to power. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 2.5 lakh hate crimes have been committed against lower caste Hindus in the last five years. Thousands of Dalit Hindus were killed by upper caste Hindus during the Riots in Karnataka in 2000 and Tamil Nadu in 2012. Thousands of Sikhs were killed during the Jammu riots in 1984, Gujarat in 1969 and Chitti Singh Pura riots in 2000. According to the National Crime Records Bureau( NCRB), violence against Muslims takes place every five minutes, Dalits 10 minutes and Christians 12 minutes later in India. According to Al-Jazeera and TRT, the Modi government is targeting Muslims at the state level through laws related to citizenship, cow protection, bulldozer policy and hijab ban. THE BJP is deliberately targeting Christians with anti-farmer policies and anti-farmer policies through the conversion law.

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