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From Commander to Qazi-ul-Qaza

by Shahid Rasheed
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raja shahid rasheed

General Asim Munir is an extraordinary and professional commander who has become the Army Chief on the basis of 100 percent merit, his appointment came to light after facing challenges and with a long consultation, his appointment as Army Chief also remained a political issue between political parties in those days. Even before becoming a salar, he has been a very strong officer and an excellent commander. In the context of the current political situation in Pakistan, it is also a heavy responsibility on him to protect his institution from politics and to keep the people’s love for the army intact, but to create more awareness in this regard because in the context of important issues and important decisions in the present era, all eyes are on the commander.
General Asim Munir from my area Hassanabad Rawalpindi Pothohar, I think he is the first commander who is hafiz Quran as well as sayyid, May Allah bless him with his special grace, not only the people but all the special and common people pray that Allah almighty and qadeer to the proud army chief of this country and nation and the Holy One. Let the army be successful in every field and every examination. Amen. A few days ago, Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir has given hope to the country and the nation, especially the poor people, in this intense hunger and thirst. Addressing the inaugural session of The Pakistan Mineral Summit, the Army Chief said, “Mineral projects are the foundation of the development of the people, it is our responsibility to play a role in the country’s economy together.”
And never give up hope, our land is rich in minerals, we invite foreign investors to discover the treasures hidden in Pakistan. He said, “Look at your country, from the snow-clad mountains to the expanse of the deserts, in Sura Al-Rahman, Allah said, “And what blessings of your Lord will you deny?” If this is our common resolve, then the heights of the sky await us, our limits and its expanses await us. According to the ISPR, General Asim Munir said that Allah helps those who help themselves, The Pakistan Mineral Summit formulates easy business rules for foreign investors in the country, in which easy concessions and unnecessary postponements can be avoided. is a translation of And We will certainly test you with fear and hunger, and with life and property and fruit, and when they are afflicted, they say: “Verily, we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return.” This unparalleled but timeless talk of Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir shows the thinking and positive approach of his commander in the journey from these deprivations, disappointments and sadness of today’s era towards a bright future. In the words of Suspect Taraz from The Land of Lahore:
Lock the river again in koza
Make the heart river the sea again.
Maryam Nawaz, while visiting the oppressed Rizwana, said, “It is sad to see the oppressed Rizwana, bring those responsible to book, no matter how powerful the culprit is, he must be brought under the clutches of the law.” It is said that all this is not to be said, but here Mary’s maternal uncles make everyone “uncles” and Abu goes to Britain on the pretext of illness by giving “dokma” bonds to law and courts, and behind his children win in the campaign to equalize both sides of the scales and save Abu. Plato rightly said, “The law is equal for all, it is the biggest lie in the world, the law is the spider’s web in which weak insects get trapped, but big crocodiles tear it and run away.” :
Is life the power of a poor person?
There are patches of pain every hour.

These imported veterans of PDM, the 14-party salars have put the key to the fate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan in the hands of the IMF, inflation is talking to the people, the lives of the poor people have become miserable, pick up the history and see that the situation of the country and the nation was never what it is today. Managing the bread of time has become like conquering Kashmir. In the words of Shu’ayb ibn Aziz:
The evening seems to be passing
When the day goes on, i don’t see it.
Therefore, in these circumstances, this lesson of the Army Chief is considered to be a ray of light in the darkness and in addition to this, the other chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Umar Ata Bandial, has also spoken very positively and timely. Qazi-ul-Qaza has said that not only the country but also the court is passing through a critical period, we will defend the constitution and the people and stop any illegal action. The Attorney General argued that what happened on May 9 is in front of you, remember one thing, they are soldiers, if they are attacked, they have weapons and they know how to shoot. It can’t happen that if they are attacked, they will go to an SHO.” According to a report, the Chief Justice said that serious incidents took place on May 9, walls were broken in Mianwali and military installations were attacked, the army should be praised that they did not open fire. Qazi-ul-Qaza said that when Aitzaz Ahsan said why he did not shoot the protesters, I was very sad. Pakistan Army is for the defense of the people and the country. The Pakistan Army did the right thing by not firing on May 9. Finally, I have a poem of my own:
A Muslim is nobody’s son.
There is no army like The Pakistan Army.

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