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Hussain ” An Ark of Salvation”

by Gee Tv
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Prophet PBUH said about his grandson “Undoubtedly Hussain is the beacon of guidance and the ark of salvation” Here it is not just emphasizing the relation of Hussain with Holy Prophet PBUH but the determined and great traits of character of Hussain and his devotion towards religion Islam and universal truth are being reported by Holy Prophet.

Every year the month of Moharram reminds us of the great sacrifice rendered by Hussain and his family in the ” desert of Nainwa” (a barren land in Iraq) from leaving Madina lonely to the eve 10th Moharram when he was killed brutally in front of his sisters and daughters.
He accepted martyrdom but didn’t accept the unjust rule of yazid (the illegal ruler and proponent of this plan) and favoured the truth completely.

This tragic story of Islam covers each and every perspective of ethics and morally righteousness it starts from renouncing of unjust kingship and then a great commitment to a difficult but valid cause, as time goes on , it demonstrates courage, patience and devotion toward divine’s parameters
An unpleasant night of 28th of Rajab he had to leave Madina with his family as first threat of not accepting authority of yazid.
His Hajj was converted to Umrah and he left Haram to protect It’s Holiness.
His messanger was killed along with two children in kufa and it was clearly a violation of ” Diplomatic Ethics”

At the end he reached at Karbala in 61 AH, 2 Moharram and brutally killed along with 6 months old son ,13 years old nephew, 18 years old son and 31 years old Brother and seventy two true companions.

The message that Karbala proposes is the courage and thanking the God even through thick and thin.
Thank the God even the darkest time ,He will never let you alone.

Hussain is the metaphor of “Sabr and Shukr”, courage, devotion, commitment and patience. He preferred death over following the unjust and cruel rule. He raised voice against the illegal premises. He is victorious of that war and he made yazid loser with his silence and patience. Now everywhere we can hear the only slogan that is being voiced ” Hussain Zinda baad” Yazid Murda Baad ” so this is a clear and great message to cruel, Atrocious and power mongers that nature never forgive you on your misdeeds and manipulation of rules.

Hussain Zinda baad

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