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“How to solve economic problems”

by Muhammad Arshad Jillani
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Arshad Jillani

The secret of development and prosperity of any country is hidden in internal unity and harmony. Unity is something without which progress is impossible. Our country is currently suffering from various internal problems and distractions. The spirit of unity and agreement is disappearing within us. Although our leader had advised the entire nation to unite. He had said that Pakistan can survive only through unity and the main factor behind the establishment of Pakistan was the unity of the Muslims of India. Which even the combined efforts of the Hindus and the British could not reach. A nation in which there is no unity becomes hollow in a few days and falls towards its decline so fast that there is no question of recovery. National problems and problems can be solved only by developing the movement of mutual aid. can Islam and aid are mutually supportive. Islam teaches self-reliance, self-help, love and mutual understanding, and mutual aid is built from these elements. Therefore, it is a priority for us in all the prevailing economic systems. Therefore, the difficulties we are facing in the developing economy of Pakistan can be overcome only by mutual aid and collective efforts. Because the movement can play an effective role in making the country self-sufficient in every sphere of life. There is no doubt that the mutual aid movement is flourishing despite the difficulties and obstacles faced by it. But there is no doubt that this movement did not achieve the expected success. The reason for which may be the fact that the movement is suffering from lack of support. The importance of the problems faced by the co-operators requires that the officials of the Mutual Aid Department and the senior co-operators should jointly consider the various problems of the mutual aid movement and the resources to further promote and expand it. Because mutual aid can produce effective results only when the people involved in it are of the same mind and are actively working for the welfare of the people and the country with total loyalty and unanimity, there is no reason why an independent Pakistan which was our goal We will not only achieve this goal, but we will stand in the ranks of the developed nations of the world. Which is the sign of a zealous nation. When nations stand up with full diligence, even the biggest and worst difficulties become easy in front of them. But according to the nation, such a thought can be made available to him only when there is a goal in front of him and to achieve which no sacrifice will be spared. Although the question of improving the economic situation of the country is a big challenge for the government. But by the grace of Allah, we have so many resources and our nation is so talented that if a realistic plan covering all areas of national life is made in the true sense and it is decided to implement it with full determination and confidence. There is no reason why we cannot overcome our major economic problems. The needs and circumstances require that the country’s economic and economic policies should be changed and the country’s economy should be developed on a collective basis. . Therefore, the government should base its program on mutual aid movement and start a collective era in which Mahmood and Ayaz stand in the same line, which is the meaning of an Islamic welfare state. There are critical stages in the life of nations and such stages determine the destiny, so it is better to get rid of the crutches of the scaffolding for the bright future of the country and live with each other on our own resources. A new era of struggle should be started. Our little effort started with sincere intention can lead to great success by God’s mercy. May Allah give us the Strength to Act . Ameen

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