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Arrests, raids, sit-ins and trials

by Mazhar Barlas
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Mazhar Barlas

At the time I am writing these lines, the session of the National Assembly has started. The ruling party and its fellow opposition have started a Qawwali against Imran Khan, I don’t know who is doing it. As for Raja Riaz, he considers himself a part of PDM. At this critical juncture, I request the leaders of my own great forces to distance themselves from the politics of PDM. These people want to spread chaos for the sake of their politics. While Imran Khan says that chaos is wanted by those who want to escape from the election. It has to be seen that there is no involvement of PDM’s conspiracy in the events of May 9. At this critical juncture in national political history, Pakistan’s forces should not even give the impression that they are supporting or opposing any political party. From the various press releases issued by ISPR in the last one year, the impression emerged that someone is being supported and someone is being opposed. This impression should not have arisen. In recent days, this open hypocrisy is being seen that if four travelers are together in Islamabad or Lahore, they are picked up under Section 144, but meanwhile PDM was allowed to sit outside the Supreme Court yesterday. Neither the permission was taken from the administration nor the government issued any notification to remove Section 144. With the arrival of those who used to say that not even a ghumla will be broken, the security gates of the red zone established in Islamabad were broken, the doors were jumped and an army of people reached outside the Supreme Court. used tear gas, neither baton fired nor shot fired, this is hypocrisy. Our responsible institutions should understand this hypocrisy.

No shot fired, this is hypocrisy. Our responsible institutions should understand this hypocrisy.
Even though PTI people were harassed from time to time, cases were instituted, arrests were made, raids were conducted, despite all this, PTI could not break. The love of Imran Khan could not be removed from the hearts of the people, nor could the hatred of the ruling party be reduced. Seeing the clear defeat in the political field, thirteen parties organized the May 9 conspiracy with some other people. Pakistan’s most popular leader was illegally detained from the court premises and then set on fire in the country. It is a strange coincidence that this fire turned only to military buildings, Rana Sanaullah’s house is saved from this fire, but the house of the Corps Commander of Lahore is not safe. There are some other similar incidents and then under a conspiracy government officials put all the charges of arson and vandalism on the head of PTI. Our national security agencies should get to the bottom of the conspiracy and not applaud the arrests made by the ruling elite. After the events of May 9, Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad police officers took actions that make humanity tremble. How Usman Dar’s house was raided, women were humiliated there, the entire house was vandalized and this was allegedly done at the behest of a federal minister. Similarly, for the pleasure of some politicians in Faisalabad and Rawalpindi, the houses of various PTI leaders were not only raided, but children and women were humiliated and harassed there. In Lahore, the police broke down in anger. People were tortured and harassed in Islamabad and Karachi. Meanwhile, some journalists were also picked up. Youtubers consisting of young boys and girls were also arrested. In some places, the women were dragged by the hair, in some places, their dupattas were scratched, and the policemen, entering people’s houses at night, threatened the women in such a way that they bowed their heads in shame. Unfortunately, the police officials are allegedly saying that we are doing everything on the orders of the army. This is the narrative of the rulers. In our presence, a federal minister pointed to the army in the seminar and said why politicians would arrest politicians and journalists, they do the same.

The horror can be gauged from the fact that according to female journalist Maher Bukhari, “female cousins and friends who were peacefully protesting were arrested, tortured and detained for 21 hours. We tried for their release but no one was willing to listen, now they are at home and in shock, they may never protest peacefully again”. My friend, famous TV anchor Ali Mumtaz says that “Punjab police planning is such that even if someone is protesting peacefully, they should be picked up, that’s why, especially to teach women a lesson through male police officers.” Arrests are being made. After that, discrimination is done in the police stations so that these educated people will never join any protest in the future and thus every voice raised will be suppressed”.
Sir!! Arrests, raids and trials increase hatred, not love.

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