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Foreign Relations and Us

by Syed Arif Nonari
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arif nonari

Finally, the caretaker government has also come and the caretaker cabinet and advisers have also come, but perhaps this caretaker government can not give relief to the people because it also has to run according to the conditions of the IMF, the debtor countries are always indebted, the loans are their oxygen, which enables the wheel of the economy to turn. After its establishment in 1947, pakistan did not take any loan from the IMF despite repeated offers from the IMF for eleven years. In 1958, during the tenure of General Ayub Khan, the IMF gave the first loan to Pakistan and now the situation is that the child of the country is in debt, how long can we survive with the help of the IMF and how long will we continue to implement the policies directed by it. The caretaker government has also increased the prices of electricity and gas as soon as it arrives, after the agreement with the IMF, now there will be a lot of taxes on the people and there will also be a public reaction in the next election for the Muslim League. It is important that we take steps to increase income by utilizing domestic and natural resources so that we can stand on our own feet.
The country is going through a difficult situation, every Pakistani should contribute for the stability of the country. On the other hand, steps need to be taken to strengthen the economy, how Pakistan’s foreign relations are and the change of governments to improve them also matters. In this regard, we consider relations with Azerbaijan, trade, defense and energy projects have been agreed between Pakistan and Azerbaijan so that Pakistan can overcome the energy crisis due to mutual agreement. Subsidised LNG cargoes from Azerbaijan will start coming to Pakistan, the two countries have also decided to further strengthen and take the cooperation process forward so that friendly relations can be strengthened. Azerbaijan will help Pakistan in the oil and gas sector. Azerbaijan has also agreed to develop an integrated system of exemption of import duty on rice coming from Pakistan, which will benefit both countries. Azerbaijan has already exempted import duty on imported rice from Pakistan, it will also invest in Pakistan in the solar energy sector. The two countries have also agreed to enhance cooperation in the field of defense, while there is already an agreement to increase bilateral trade. There are opportunities to increase cooperation in various fields between the two countries.
The two countries also intend to work together for the betterment of the people.
Joint military exercises of the two countries will be increased for defense capabilities. More than 3,000 soldiers have laid down their lives for the security borders. The people of Pakistan and Azerbaijan love each other, both countries can improve by working on one agenda for the betterment of their people. Azerbaijan is rich in natural resources, due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global commodity prices have increased. Which has affected the economies of many countries, we should work together to deal with the challenges of the present era.
Steps are expected to be taken to promote solar energy in Pakistan. The volume of bilateral trade with Azerbaijan will also increase, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been victims of Indian barbarism for decades, Azerbaijan has always supported Pakistan’s stance on occupied Kashmir, there are huge opportunities for trade with nearby countries through Gwadar. Our goal should be to transform bilateral political relations with Azerbaijan into solid trade and investment links. Pakistan was the second country in the world to recognize Azerbaijan after independence. On March 1, 2017, on the sidelines of the ECO meeting, former Prime Minister and President Ilham Aliyev had signed an agreement to import defense products. And it will also reduce the problems of the country. Oil shipments from Russia were continuing, but the Pakistani government says that Russian oil is becoming more expensive than Saudi Arabia, two ships have come to Pakistan from Russia. In such a situation, France has also given grants for development projects in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE have also given assistance.
Foreign relations are in place, but as soon as the caretaker government comes, public criticism has to be tolerated and will have to bear more, the Election Commission has also refused to hold elections on time and has started working on new constituencies, the institutions of the judiciary and the Presidency are also more active than before, but the unbearable increase in public difficulties and life. Survival has become difficult.

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