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Between burnt feelings

by Dr Sughra Sadaf
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Dr Sughra Sadaf

On the same day when Dr Murtaza Jafri, Dr. Sharia Hussain, Dr. Ahmed Bilal, Rashid Rana, Rabia Jalil and Dr. Asif Munir were sitting with me on stage in a session of the two-day Vice Chancellors Conference in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education and Center for Peace in the luxurious hall of a big hotel in Lahore. The declaration of the fear of the mind had caused the resurrection. When we reached there as banyan to share the sufferings of the burning people under the open sky, it was a strange sight.
There were hundreds of stories written on the walls of the burnt church, which our feelings heard and felt tortured.The first house we went to would probably be a marla house. A small room with burnt objects left on its floor. You must have slept on the ground with a window, etc., because there was no space left in it except two or four feet. Step inside the door from the street, then a small square part from where the paved stairs were present to see the vast sky. There was also a lot of soot on the stairs, there must have been house appliances. Of course, this small square part of the stairs will also be the courtyard, verandah and kitchen at the same time.
It was the whole universe of the girl whose cry was not ending. I was crying loudly that hi my house, hi my house, home was there but the dreams were burnt. Nothing was safe, only the walls were burnt, the whole atmosphere was dressed in mourning. On the floor, the ashes of plastic, clothes, wood and other things were burning. Of course, there will be toys of surprised children sitting there. There will also be bundles of memories, dreams, love, desires and hopes that have burned.Until a few days ago, she was so happy and satisfied that she and her husband had worked in many places day and night to build this one-room house with a pucca lantern, whose roof did not drip, nor could the rain throw dirty water of the drain inside the high courtyard.
Nowadays she was working hard to collect household items. Instead of extending her hand in front of anyone, she was on the journey of development with full energy and conviction. Then one day it was announced at six o’clock in the morning. She locked the house and took shelter in the house of Muslims nearby, including her husband and children. There was a noise, a blind scream of hatred, the lock on the door of his house trembled, the crowd went inside and threw petrol and kerosene to destroy his years of hard work and set it on fire in such a way that there was no dream and desire left, even the paper butterfly kept in the pocket of the children’s clothes would burn. The problem is that the firemakers have written their name on the slip with the smoke of hatred from these walls and walls, it is a reference to me but to all of us.
But we weren’t crying. Our river full of guilt and regret had leapt.
We apologised but the issue is about issues.
This time, instead of rote statements, there should be a thorough inquiry and strict punishment should be given to those responsible so that no one again resorts to violence or takes the law into their own hands. An attack on a place of worship, building or house is also treason against the country and rebellion against the Constitution, the punishment for which should not be verbal but practical. Those who take the law into their hands never do illegal things when they go abroad, the fear of certain punishment keeps them away from all kinds of riots. The path of matriarchal freedom adopted by some people of this country needs to be brought under the ambit of the Constitution. It wasn’t a momentary doomsday, it had regular planning an The statements of the judges, administration, religious and political leaders present in Jaranwala sounded like a rewind rail that religion does not allow such and such work, but no one was talking about what it allows.
No one paid attention to catching and stopping him. However, kamal’s friendship between Muslims and Christians in this area was deeply affected. The Christian community itself acknowledged this. They were all sad, they gave shelter to Christians in their homes, but they could not stop the violent crowd coming from the surrounding village that they themselves were unarmed. In Pakistan, a section of Christians who are sanitary workers are living a very miserable life. This oppressed class needs to be given a quota in other jobs. This job should not be reserved only for Christians. I set this example practically in plaque during my time. We have to give them a credible life.d resourcPunjab Chief Minister Mr. Mohsin Naqvi is requested to feed the empty abandoned houses of the people before their morale is broken and the lamp of hope is extinguished, give a sense of security along with the goods which can end their fear. The questions of the worried faces of these children wearing flag shirts need to be read
According to Afzal Firdous
There were splashes of fresh blood.
Where I was about to make the moon stare use behind it.

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